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Panic room. The salesman, smartly dressed, walked across the third floor landing to the main feature of the house, the panic room.

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Panic room The deep and persuading voice of the salesman seemed to help Jade make her decision whether to buy the mansion or not. The salesman, smartly dressed, walked across the third floor landing to the main feature of the house, the panic room. "This is the panic room, designed to enable you or the victims of a robbery or unlikely house invasion of some kind, to go into and stay safe. The steel door is12 inches thick, impossible to break into with any sort of tools. The panic room has state of the art electronic surveillance of the house, a separate telephone wire so the victims can call the police even if the main house telephone wires were to be cut. Also there is a huge cooler, which has drinks and a small amount of food and for all possible safety a fire blanket." This room stunned Jade and her twelve-year-old daughter Sarah, who was unfortunately diabetic, and this room seemed to have clinched the deal. They made their way around the 4-story house once more to secure their decision and the house seemed to fulfil all their possible needs. Jade went over to the salesman and took a deep breath and said proudly, "We'll take it!" ...read more.


. The two men ran up the first floor steps with still a while to go, whilst Jade was shaking Sarah. It was no use, Sarah was dazed, and so Jade held her hand over Sarah's mouth and splashed Sarah's bedside water on her face. Sarah tried to scream in shock but Jade's hand was over her mouth. Jade whispered as fast as she could, "There are three men in the house, run to the panic room." Sarah was still traumatized from the water but half understood what Jade had said. Jade and Sarah ran like a bullet over the landing towards the panic room, and Sarah's hand was being pulled and squeezed so hard she felt her veins pop out. They both saw the three men and they dived into the panic room and slammed on the shutter and the three men were seconds away from catching them. The boss kicked the steel door in terrible anger although he knew it had no effect. He knew that his whole deceiving plan was ruined now, since what they were after was in the panic room. He knelt down on the empty floor and slammed his head on the floor forcefully. Jade and Sarah thought they were safe until they remembered that the separate telephone wire was not connected. ...read more.


He replied, "Err, I was having a party since I moved in today, but it's over now so I'm sorry for the inconvenience I caused." This seemed believable to the policeman since removal boxes were next to the door, so the policemen said, "Well ok, thank you for being honest, but in future keep it down." The boss seemed relieved and went to slowly close the huge wooden door. Suddenly the officer turned around and shoved his foot between the door and said, "Wait a minute, you don't live here, I came along this morning and saw the new people, and the mother is single called Jade." The policeman let himself in and cried out, "Hello, is anyone there, Jade?" Jade saw the officer in the house and she remembered him from the morning. She looked at the surveillance and could see that he had tied the boss up so she let herself out the room and ran quickly towards him. She was relieved and told everything to the officer. The three men were taken in for questioning and later arrested. The hidden five million dollars still remains hidden beneath the layers of carpet, waiting to be found! Unfortunately Jade and Sarah could not keep the house after this traumatic experience and went to look for a smaller house which was simpler and suited all of their needs. Ravdeep Jandu 10FC ...read more.

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