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Paris By Night

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Paris By Night The scene was set for a dramatic night, as the moonlight beamed down on the capital of France the stars twinkled and danced cheerfully. She walked with those iron-heeled shoes and scarlet red overcoat. Oblivious of what the next few minuets had in store for her... her destiny. She approached a dirty and severely run down alley-way where she heard a death defying screech from beneath her, realizing that it was just a scruffy black ally cat she grinned and regained her calmness. The woman had gold shinny earrings that seemed to clash with her blood red coat, her hair was brown and positioned upright, her faced also seemed to be covered in a pale blusher, which made her face look a dead color. On her continued journey she walked at quite a pace through the winding brick ally-ways, as she walked passed the top pier over the river Sane, she walked unknowingly into a familiar face, a face which made even her stomach churn, she shivered in an eerie fashion. The face brought back memories. The face was of a man, the man was wearing a long and protracted brown coat, which had a distinctive smell of brandy and other alcoholic beverages, and he wore no jewellery and had a femine face. The woman unheeding and unconscious that the next few moves she will make would become national news overnight. ...read more.


Mire's office. She came storming into the room full of evil and spitefulness. Mr. Mires was busy talking to a man wearing a navy suit and black hair styled in an unusual fashion roughly the same way as the man she previously met on the lift. She marched towards him in an army style fashion and grabbed on the man's expensive suit, she pulled him up out of his seat by his collar area with her powerful left arm. Mr. Mires reluctantly stood up out of his comfortable leather office chair and shouted at the top of his voice "what on earth do you think your doing? Let this man go, immediately this is outrageous and down right inexcusable!" Clara paused and looked at her boss and then to the man on her left, her eyebrows towered way above her eyes. She looked at the man, which she had her rigid left arm resting for a second time and then to Mr. Mires. She finally laid her eyes back on the man that she had got her left arm securely fastened onto the scruff of his neck, she then eased her grip --- The man stood before Clara's judging image, she shown no emotion as she stared into the flimsy framed man's eyes. Clara's eyes were engulfed with rage and vexation. ...read more.


She rested her warm hands on the railings, shaking and quivering she clenched securely onto the rusted bars. She wanted to look over onto the river, but she couldn't. She swallowed, Clara looked around to see if anybody was nobody in sight to assure herself that nobody was in hidden company she only took a quick and brief glance, the murky orange street lamps assured Clara even less of what was around her. She felt vulnerable and exposed. Closing her eyes she leaned over slightly to take a momentary look at was beneath her. The quivering calm stretch of water seemed to be relaxed and tranquil, Clara raised herself back up and gave a sigh of relief followed by her unedged voice "wooah". She allowed her eyes to ease as she turned around as she turned her face bumped into a rough wet figure. Immediately she opened her eyes, she felt a cold object make contact with her neck but by now for Clara it was all too late. The local papers, the national papers, the radio broadcasters, the national news on television and the Internet had all received information on a middle aged white woman wearing a red coat had been found submerged face down in the river Saine with a slashed throat. She was found also with an older male with a brown over coat with cut wrists, police and forensics are calling it suicide... ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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