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Parker and Nichols in Las Vegas Parker woke to the sharp sound of his phone ringing.

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1 English- Assignment 1 (coursework) Parker and Nichols in Las Vegas Parker woke to the sharp sound of his phone ringing. "Hey are you up because you have to drop your sister to the airport' his dad's voice sounded harsh through the receiver. Parker glanced at his alarm. "Oh my God!" he yelled, "it is 11.15, everyone get up now!" He quickly jumped out of bed, ran into the shower and half an hour later, everyone toppled into the car. "Mum's right," groaned Natalia "you are a waste of time, both of you!" "Shut up!" commented an annoyed Parker, "We will be there on time. It's not that far." Natalia hurried through customs and her brothers waved her off. They watched her plane take off and gasped in horror. On the side of the plane was written, 'Las Vegas'! Nichols shook Parker's shoulder. "Oh my God!" he yelled, 'we have sent her on the wrong plane!" "What shall we do?" cried Parker shaking in disbelief. "Ok, calm down and breathe," soothed Nichols, "I am sure that the air hostess will have checked her ticket and sent her back" They waited for a further ten minutes and then with no more patience, marched up to the departure desk. ...read more.


We have been chasing you for ages!" shouted Nichols. 3 "I couldn't hear you!" protested the young girl, "How was I supposed to know you were here. Besides, I am old enough to be on my own. I don't need you two!" Parker looked at Nichols and burst out laughing. "YOU don't need US?" they mocked, "You are still a little girl yet." Natalia blushed red but said nothing. The suite was beautiful. It had a view of an artificial lake and sunny skies. Light reflected on the glass table. Bright orange sofas matched the painting on the wall. The children had never seen anything so fascinating and their faces reflected their happiness. "Wow," exclaimed Parker "How could you afford this suite?" "Erm I borrowed Mum's credit card" said Natalia quietly. Parker grinned and pointed out, "You are going to be in so much trouble, once this is over." The next hour was spent inquiring about the quickest flight home. Luckily they managed cancelations for the next day. "Well, while we are here we may as well have some fun tonight " laughed Parker " Come on, everyone, we are in LAS VEGAS!" ...read more.


5 The two gasped in horror and scuttled back inside. They knew they would have to escape somehow, so shaking with fright; they tried to slowly peer out again. Four men were all busy opening a bag, the same that had been switched earlier. The place was smelly and dirty but the men were more interested in the black bag. As they forced it open, a huge pile of fifty dollar notes popped out. "We stole this money good and proper" smirked one of the men. "Perfect plan don't you think?" In shock Parker and Nichols tiptoed out of the building and ran as fast as they could to get help. They explained the whole story to a detective and the police frantically stormed the building handcuffing the men. "Phew I am glad that is over" said Parker in relief. As he was speaking the detective came up to them and smiled. "Congratulations boys, you have done a good job. It turned out that the men were on the FBI's most wanted list! As a sign of our gratitude we are awarding you with 10,000 dollars! The boys whooped shouting 'Viva Las Vegas!' ?? ?? ?? ?? Amarah Adam ...read more.

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