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Part one Assessment comparing Love Is to Love Actually, Duck, We were soldiers and Anita and Me.

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Part one Assessment comparing Love Is to Love Actually, Duck, We were soldiers and Anita and Me. The idea of our devised piece was based on Love Actually the film. Our devised piece was called Love Is. Both the titles are similar. We showed different types of love like in Love Actually. In Love Actually they show love within relationships between a man and a woman. We used this idea but twisted it a bit. We showed a man (Tom) finally finding love but then losing it because his girlfriend wanted break up with him. To help us with the scene in which Tom is searching for a lady in the newspaper, we used real life descriptions of women and developed our characters from there. ...read more.


We had a weird old granny like in Billy Liar. We used the northern accents that were used in Billy Liar. The idea for friendship love came from Anita and Me. Meena is obsessed with Anita. We used sections form Anita and Me but we staged it differently because Anita and Me was a film and was not done on the stage. When I was watching Anita and Me I noticed the accents and thought it could be a good idea if we used the accent to make each part of our performance different. In one of the scenes in Anita and Me Anita walks down the street in a catwalk way to 60s music but our piece wasn't set in the 60s so we decided to use the song 'pretty woman' instead because this fitted well in the scenes. ...read more.


We researched suicide bombers and decided to do a story on a suicide bomber. The idea to use a narrator/ expert came from the performance we watched called 'A-Z of parents.' In this performance they had an expert to split the different advice to deal with parents. We went set further and developed a character called the heart. We used a heart because hearts are usually associated with love. When watching Duck by Stella Stella Freehiliy I noticed the actors/actress giving monologs out towards the audience. This really involved the audience because you felt you were actually in the play. We used this idea in our performance to make it more real to the audience. The dramatic structure we used is a naturalistic structure because the love we showed in our piece occurs all the time. ...read more.

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