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Passing The Test

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´╗┐Watching out of the window the sky was a fire, red and orange flames burning into orange embers however as I continued to watch it took a sudden turn into cold lifeless ash. I had lost track of time as I?d been watching the sky sizzle out, I didn?t realise how dark it actually was. I relied on the world?s nightlight as light but not for long, the bouldering clouds were chasing the light. Slamming the text book shut that I had been trying to revise from I tried to stop my mind from wondering off else where but I couldn?t help thinking that just like the sunlight ending so too was my stay at university if I didn?t pass this initiation. Getting up from my desk that was being propped up by an ancient text book I dragged myself to my bed before bringing myself to look at my clock; 11:57, 3 minutes that?s all I had left. My pale blue eyes focused onto my door that stood slightly ajar beaming in a bound of light, The shadows; dark and daunting, hunted there prey. The shadows were tigers and the prey was me. The thought of this frightened me but more so the unknown of what was going to happen. I knew all about these tests, I?d been told, warned about them but somehow was forced into it. ...read more.


?This my friends is your treasure hunt some will make it and some won?t that?s how it works separate the weak from the strong? Tyler shouted at us We all jumped as the volume of his voice startled us a small squeak silently escaped one of the mouths of the toys as that is what we were to him. ?What?? Tyler ordered storming up in the boy?s face ?N-n-nothing? was all he could muster from his cold lips. ?Well off you go then you stupid twerp!? Shouted Tyler as hit voice bellowed and rang in their ears. Setting off all I wanted to do was break down in tears but I knew that wasn?t going to help me now, My mind had to focus on the task at hand nevertheless every step I took was more shaky than the last my legs were jelly; cold wobbling and red. As I started to examine the map and cards I was given I started to recognised the shapes on them they were all the Greek sorority symbols alpha, beta they were all the groups the dorms were spilt into. Taking one last step I heard a crunch looking down at my misplaced foot I found one of the symbols from the card. The delta symbol slightly broken lying amongst the forestry floor carefully picking it up I compressed the loose part of the symbol close enough into its correct position before placing in my pocket. ...read more.


When a hand rested on my shoulder turning round I saw Tyler staring down at me and my hand automatically unclenched and the rage within me faded into fear once again I had drawn the short straw in the game and I was going to lose in the end. Or so I thought. A smile appeared across his face and he let out a gentle laugh. ?What?? I demanded ?Mate don?t you see it?? giggled Tyler as I shook my head ?You passed the initiation it wasn?t about symbols it was about who you are.? I turned around to face the others who set up the initiation ?you passed by saving my life instead of choosing greed even though there was no real need to as the ledge was only six feet down from another one? explained robin the boy who punched me. More boys appeared who had been put to the test only 3 had actually passed the others found burrows and holes to hide in for safety. Arriving back in the dorm I stood in front of the mirror staring at my bloodied nose when I saw phoebe?s reflection once she knew I saw her she came in closer and stood behind me. ?Your brave you know, not many guys would do that for another? she whispered sweetly in my ear. Kissing my cheek she took the towel off the side of the sink and bathed my nose. Cringing at the stinging sensation phoebe laughed and I knew it would be okay the worst had to be over. ...read more.

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