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Past Dreams – Future Memories

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Past Dreams - Future Memories The hall was dark and quiet. Shadows from the candle darted across the walls and illuminated the furniture, forming unearthly shapes. The only other light was the moonlight that crept through the gap in the old moth eaten curtains. It was a normal night at the old mansion in the countryside. But then, nothing out of the ordinary ever happens when you live miles from any other civilisation, completely isolated. Hester carried her candle through the antique world that was her home. She could pick out the shapes of pictures, statues, tables and a grand piano in the dim light. The kitchen was at the end of a long stone passageway, which was empty apart from the presence of a few oak doors. Hester walked towards it, through a large wooden door and into the tiled, unlit room. She walked towards a large industrial sink, picked up a glass and filled it. Hester made her way back to her bedchamber on the third floor. I the attic Hester's daughter Maggie slept poorly. She kept having the same recurring nightmare. She'd had it since she was four. She was walking through the grounds of the manor, looking for something or someone - she never figured out which, when a girl began to chase her. She was a strange looking girl - almost ghostly. She was gaunt and pale, with long, straight black hair, and cruel black eyes, which were full of hunger. They were like chilled steel or black, empty tunnels which lead to a soul that was unable to love anyone. The girl looked strangely alike Maggie, but quite a few years older and nowhere near as warm and bubbly as her. The girl would pursue Maggie into the entrance of the house and into the vast library. There, the girl would open a stone passage through the fireplace and force Maggie into it so that she was trapped. ...read more.


were the words that broke Maggie's train of thought. She jumped with fright. What would she do? Should she let her mother in? "I promise I won't hurt you, baby," Hester cooed. "How do I know?" Maggie stammered. "You never will if you don't let me in," her mother replied. Maggie slowly crept off her bed and walked towards the door. As she got halfway across the room she stopped. The room started to go fuzzy and Maggie couldn't focus. The lights started to go from bright to dull and back again whilst her head began to pound. Maggie had only ever had this feeling before when she was six. She had gotten into trouble for throwing a vase and her dad had told her off so badly that she fainted. Tears welled up in her eyes at the thought of her father but it was hard to concentrate on him with all her curious symptoms. Before Maggie had had time to realise why she felt like she was falling, she had blacked out. Maggie awoke later with a start. She sat up to find that she was lay in her own four poster, with the curtains closed and a fresh glass of water on her bedside cabinet. Relief washed over her like a warm sea. It was a dream she thought - the whole thing had been a terrible nightmare. With excitement Maggie opened the curtains of her bed, pulled on her slippers and dressing gown and skipped into the middle of the room towards the door. Maggie quickly jumped back with shock. Her door lay on the floor, clean off its hinges. There were splinters of wood dotted around on her carpet and on the landing outside. In her dream she had locked the door and her mother had wanted in, but that was impossible - after all it was only a dream. ...read more.


Maggie had no idea where it came from, but was filled with an adrenaline rush so powerful she felt as though she could run forever. The only thing that crossed her mind was finding Lucinda. She must find Lucinda. Maggie began to run through every corner of the grounds, it was taking forever, and the rain and cold was stinging her face, but it didn't matter. All she needed to do was find her sister. She reached the orchard and there, there she saw it, a pair of bright eyes peering behind one of the many apple trees. Maggie's heart began to race. She started to shout things at Lucinda. Terrible phrases like, "I'm going to kill you!" and, "you're going to wish you'd never been born." Lucinda ran off in the direction of the house so Maggie followed. When they had both reached the entrance hall Lucinda began to scream. She ran into the huge library, where she realised that she'd made a big mistake - there was nowhere left to run. The two girls heard clattering from one of the bedrooms, then the thudding of feet on stairs. Maggie knew she would have to act quickly. She backed her sister into the cavernous fireplace, ignoring her cries and pleas for mercy. With a quick pull of lever next to one of the bookcases, Maggie had activated the back wall of the fireplace, causing it to rotate and trap Lucinda behind it. Banging and screaming could be heard from inside the fireplace along with an attention-seizing cough from someone behind Maggie. It was Hester. Maggie was terrified because her mother had seen the whole thing, however, instead of shouting at her daughter she ran over and scooped her up in her arms. Maybe Hester was proud that her daughter had followed in her footsteps by killing a family member, however, it was more likely to be that they now had a huge thing in common with each other - they both had a terrible secret. By Danielle Jones 9m ...read more.

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