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Pastiche of Animal Farm

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Rationale: The main objective of this political struggle/oppression related, text production was to write a short story pastiche with a writing technique similar to the one used by George Orwell in his book Animal Farm. In this story lions and animals were used to symbolize Americans and Muslims respectively. Like Orwell's book this short story is biased propaganda, only here it is the Americans who stand target while in Animal farm it was the communists being literally attacked. The audience should be (if to make any sense) Muslims. Being read to young children this would be effective if you seek an American hostility feeling in your society but also grown ups would be affected reading symbolism. To someone who knows what this is about it is clear that much in this story is, if not untrue, at least overly exaggerated to make the Americans look bad. Still it is very possible that it has an effect on the person. Already in the title, "How the evil lions destroyed the jungle" one figures that lions are evil. ...read more.


There was just not enough fruit left in the jungle to satisfy the animal's hunger. But the lions didn't care. The lion-soldiers killed any animal that objected to the new lion-rules, which the lion-leader had decided upon. Still the lion-leader was jealous of the animals religion. So, the lion-leader invented his own lion-religion and ordered his lion-soldiers to brainwash all the animals in the jungle so they would believe in his lion-god instead of their god. As the years went by the jungle got smaller and smaller until one day, there was nothing left. The animals in the jungle had also disappeared. All that was left where the jungle had once been was a group of very odd-looking lions lying in the sun. They talked to each other about how good the lion-god was, and about their great lion-leader. But when they died they found neither lion-god nor lion paradise. For a short moment they thought they saw a glimpse of a beautiful jungle where there was fruit in excess, but then it all turned black. ...read more.


Like in Orwell's novel this is an over simplified version of reality. Since this is anti-American propaganda written by anti-American Muslims to increase unity within the Muslim society, the American deeds are told from a narrow and biased perspective, which does not include the whole truth. All focus is on the lions and the animals in the jungle are portrayed as innocent victims. An American version of this story would have been very different; it's all a matter of which events you choose to put in the picture. The main purpose of this text production is not to criticize American actions in the Middle East. Rather, it is to show the strength in symbolism. If read to a child, the symbols will be integrated into the child's unconscious and when the child has gotten old and he/she see something that reminds his/her unconscious about the story heard long ago it might affect the persons opinion on right and wrong. This is a very powerful weapon, which can be used for good as well as evil purposes (provided there is a definition for right and wrong). By: Anders Rasmussen ...read more.

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