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Pay It Foward

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The movie "Pay it forward" built up suspense until the end. It had you thinking during all the film, I must confess that I had goose bumps in many of the scenes. The movie had lots of parts that the book didn't have, but it was still as good. I particularly liked the acting that each of the cast members presented. I especially liked Trevor because he was like I imagined he would be by reading the book. Some other characters that appear in the book are not anything like I imagined they would be. For example Reuben in the movie is Eugene, and he is white. ...read more.


He came up with this idea because his social studies teacher, Eugene Simmonet assigned this as an extra credit assignment. After he gives out the assignment he puts it into action. He gives money to a homeless man named Jerry. He gets some cloth and a shower and goes on a job interview. Trevor's mom, Arlene, finds Jerry in the house and freaks out. Arlene goes to school to talk to Eugene, and that's where they first meet. In the movie there are plenty of parts that are related to the book. The part when Eugene explains to Arlene that his father burned his face is different than in the book. ...read more.


The acting in the movie involved great skill in recreating the characters from the movie. To start out, I thought the best actor in the movie, was Trevor. The actor grabbed the concept of Trevor being an innocent, shy kid, and put it into play. I felt that the actress, who played Arlene, did an amazing job, in showing her love towards Trevor. She was like I imagined while I was reading the book. The person that I thought would be something and turned out to be another, was Reuben. In the book, Reuben is a black person, which has burning all over his body because he is a Vietnam veteran. But in the movie, Reuben is actually called Eugene. Eugene is white, and got his body burns because his father burned him with car gas. ...read more.

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