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Pay the price

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Keiran Virk: English Coursework Pay the price A thick layer of drizzle tinted across the streets, and a glimmer of carroty street lamps, gave a shimmering shield across the roads. The light rustle of leafs concealed with a night lamp was the only movement in sight. Because it was dark, the whole street lay motionless like a picture, at the end of the narrow street you could just about spot, a mucky, menacing uncanny alleyway. It was fairly wider than your average alleyway, and also much different, it looked almost like another street, but with a bendy curve. Immediately as you walk past it you can smell something strange, which oozes with an unpleasant and mysterious type of smell. There is no light leading into the alleyway, the night lamps appear to stop almost nine yards before it. Anyone who lives in the area wouldn't dare go near the alleyway, anybody around the area knows to keep away. Gates on houses are either partly attached to the wall or not there at all, most doors are vandalised with racist remarks. "White fuckers" and "fucking transvestites out" seem to be the jest of their 'political' messages. Every roof has random slates missing; there is even one with a visible whole. There's not one person in sight, no house lights on, no footsteps to be heard, there's not even any sign of wild life. No birds or flies hovering around lights. Nothing. If one was to stop, turn their heads and listen, a mellow echo is just about possible to hear. ...read more.


His mood slowly changed, from astonishment to contentment. He started muttering words under his breath like, 'I know you understand' and 'you're attractiveness intimidates me'. As he rubs her face in a circular movement with his hands, he gradually moves himself on top of her body, and slowly skims his hands down her neck, and then he goes quickly to her chest. His hands slowly began to rub on her breasts, as the minutes go by he sustains harder and harder, until he pauses and looks further down at her body. He then pulls his trousers back down... He was now moving across the front of the building, with bushes and trees shrewdly disguising him. It was then he heard another noise; he stopped and wondered for a second whether it was his nerves making his mind play tricks on him. But a part of him seems so sure he heard a sort of bash or rumble. The fact that the noise he thought he heard came from in the building, made him shiver inside and outside. Because the noise was so quick and impulsive, he got frustrated that he wasn't actually sure of anything. Until the exact same noise struck again, this time he was ready, he has listened carefully, he new this wasn't his imagination. This is the real thing. The vile beast laughs with a big wide grin stretching across his face, he then gets completely infatuated and starts being more violent with her, treating this dead girl as if she were a dolly and he were being the kid. ...read more.


"This is my daughter, did you do this?" A croaky and uneven voice finally speaks. There is no reply. The malevolence man makes no reaction. The father brings his gun forward; he looks up, and then drops it back down. He takes loud and heavy breaths, which make the whole room, weep with dejection. He then completely broke down, and let out vociferous sighs of hurt as he holds his daughter's head in his arms. The filthy man slyly takes a step forward, but immediately the father brings his gun straight back up, 'bang' with a single bullet he falls to the floor. A single shot killed the rapist, murderer and malicious man; he was no longer a threat to anyone else. As he fell to the wooden floor once again it echoed, as it took the impact. The father cried so hard and loud he couldn't think straight, he wanted to talk but couldn't control the pain, which felt as if it were smacking him the face. As he eventually compelled himself, he managed to squeeze out words for his daughter. "My worst nightmare was someone doing this to you, if only I found out where you were doing this earlier. ...If only I had given you the love and support you deserved in the first place, you wouldn't have mortified yourself in the way that you did. I blame myself.... not you....not him." Danny Pires, the father of Anita Pires, bought the gun to his head and shot himself. This is what happens when you are desperate for money, when you lose track of what your own children are doing, when you rape and murder someone, ......you pay the price.... death. - 1 ...read more.

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