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Pendulum Swings

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Pendulum Swings It is no accident that life seems to revolve in circles. Everyday events tend to swing to extremes before they find a middle ground. First of all, when public safety is involved, policies tend to be drawn up that initially sway too far to the left or right. Secondly, trends in fashion and beauty are interesting to watch for the cycles they seem to follow. Finally, economic cycles consistently follow a boom or bust trend of extremes. Therefore, to find the most effective position to operate from, the limits of topics must be discovered and examined. After the dreadful events pertaining to SARS and 9/11, legal and air travel policies became very strict. ...read more.


There are big extremes in both beauty and fashion, but they eventually reach a middle ground. Marilyn Monroe was once the essence of beauty in the early 1960s. She weighted 140 pounds, in her time, which was considered ideal then but is thought to be overweight now. Kate Moss, who weighs 105 pounds, is today's icon of beauty. This example clearly illustrates the two extremes between 1960 and 2007. Many teenagers are following the keep fit trend because most of the models nowadays are size zero, and they believe that size zero is beautiful. However, things are starting to change with size zero models, as they are no longer allowed to walk on the runway unless they weigh a certain amount. ...read more.


People expect losses from time to time, but overall they want their portfolio to grow as the market completes a full cycle. In conclusion, extreme poles usually find middle ground eventually. The 9/11 events brought air policies into extreme, but the pendulum found its middle ground afterward. The trends of beauty also show how the definition of beauty moves from Marilyn Monroe to the size zero models, coming to a middle ground in the end. The stock market crashes were the perfect example of the cyclical nature of the market. Everyday events usually go to extremes initially, but find middle ground ultimately. Life can certainly feel like a roller coaster at times, especially when those extreme moments are hit, but ultimately it is all about riding the waves and enjoying the lulls of life. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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