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Peoms Essay- Comparing Stealing, Education for Leisure and Hitcher

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Poem Essay - Comparing Stealing, Education for Leisure and Hitcher. The subject matter of stealing is different to the subject matter of education for leisure, by in stealing the boy wants to steal a snowman and starts by stealing its head and in education for leisure it's about a lonely boy who is tired of being ignored and kills a fly and a goldfish in revenge and takes a knife from his house a walks around with it. In hitcher the subject matter is different again to stealing by there are two hitch hikers, one who is jealous of the others ones freedom. ...read more.


To compare education for leisure and hitcher both want to be in charge and be free to do what the wish. The tone of stealing is the poet tells us he is boastful, big and bragging, he is proud of himself for stealing a snowman and he is a bit bitter and there is a sense of revenge and loneliness. In education for leisure the tone is he is tired of being ignored, he is frustrated and upset, he wants to be seen. The poets tone in hitcher is he is tired, angry, annoyed and he wants to be free. The comparisons are they are all upset and want something; they all need help and someone to love them. ...read more.


He is confused and lonely and needs to be seen. In hitcher I think the mood is strange, the character is scared and confused he does not know what to do, he feels threatened by everyone who has a little bit of freedom. In all three poems the mood is very strange; every character is lonely and needs help. They all feel confused and do not know what to do, they think what they are doing is correct, when it is not. Overall, the poems show a great deal of violence and hatred, these shows the writers may have been feeling the same when writing the poems. The poems emphasise the point of how much the world is in anger and hatred, and we have to change this. ...read more.

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