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Perfect. Rain. Rain smacked the roof of the rusty red Peugeot so hard Kate couldnt even hear herself think. Let alone the corny advert blaring from the radio.

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Perfect Rain. Rain smacked the roof of the rusty red Peugeot so hard Kate couldn't even hear herself think. Let alone the corny advert blaring from the radio. All she could see were her windscreen wipers relentlessly trying to sweep the water aside, but to no avail. No lights, no people, no nothing. Not anything she corrected herself. She was right though you wouldn't find anything on a country road. Even the only rod that leads into the isolated town of Twiggleton. Alone. She wished that the taste of that burger she had earlier she had earlier would go away. If she could just reach the water under her seat then - no she couldn't take her hands off the wheel. Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink. Salty chips stank out her car. A mixture of types, "fish and chip shop" chips, "McDonalds" and "Chinese" chips. It had been her turn to be the chauffeur for her friends. She hadn't been tense then despite the downpour but that wasn't the case now. She clutched the wheel so hard that she could feel the sticky sweat on her clammy hands. Her knuckles were a milky white. She sat forward on the edge of the driver's seat attempting to concentrate on the bumpy road she knew off by heart. Sighing, she rested her head back against the seat and tried to relax. "Relax Kate," she murmured but she could hardly hear herself over the constant banging of water on the metal roof. If it wasn't for the waterfall that fell from the heavens she'd f gone to sleep. Glancing left, she saw something she didn't expect. There was a girl, of her age, in the bushes. She slammed on the brakes, spraying water everywhere from the puddles. She undid her seatbelt and flung open the door, forgetting to shut it again. The rain instantly pounded her face so she shielded her eyes as she ran towards to where she thought she had seen the girl. ...read more.


"Sure. I could kill for a coffee." Said Jenny. "Then let's go to Tina's and get some to go." suggested Kate. She locked the car and the two friends walked off arm in arm. When they returned with two paper cups, Kate opened the car and began to get in. But then he stepped out. An adonis, an Apollo, an amazing guy. Kate froze and stared wistfully at him. She gazed at his short, spiky, dark hair, dark as the expresso she clutched in her hand. Then she looked at his slightly pinked cheeks; he looked embarrassed. She knew that she must have been blushing. She gazed at his shirt, a dazzling white. Then a "Rocky and Bulwinkle" tie hung down his chest. She wanted to giggle but couldn't bring herself to do it. His suit, a granite black without a speck of dust.. His trousers didn't have a mark on them. They were held up by a leather, light brown belt with a polished brass buckle. His shoes were so shiny that she could have sworn that her face was reflected in the black shoes. She lifted her gaze back to his frontage. The boyish smile. So childish. Then she stared into his eyes. She was now fixated on these. They were as brown as bog pits. Kate felt herself being sucked into them, not being able to escape. She forgot all her troubles, and everything else. She was in heaven. "Hey. I'm Mitch Hertz, my cars got a flat, have you a phone I could use?" he asked. This seemed to bring Kate back to reality. She answered, "Um yeah sure, just a second." She fumbled around in her handbag, "Here." Jenny grinned at her, it was obvious she could read minds. Kate begged her not to say anything in her gaze. But Jenny loved teasing her best friend. After he had finished his call to the local mechanic she quickly said, "Are you free tomorrow night because I'm sure Kate would love to go out with you." ...read more.


he yelled as she ran back towards it. But Mitch had seen it to. He let out a roar of anguish as he saw her get in the back seat of his Nissan. Sid began to drive, Drive strait towards Mitch. "Don't kill him!" Kate yelled. "I'm won't if I get this right." He had the look of utmost concentration on his face. As he got closer to Mitch he rammed into him from the side, knocking him out but not killing him, The car stopped, and backed towards the body. Sid dialled the number for the local police. Kate listened sadly as he told them about what had happened and where they were. Again she saw blue and red flashes for the second time in 3 days. She sighed as the police questioned Sid. After that the ambulance took the bruised Mitch away and they were aloud to go home. "I'm sorry I didn't realise earlier how much I like you." Whispered Kate. "I'm sorry that you had to go through this." Said Sid solemnly. "Forgive me?" "Maybe. Don't you want to get over perfect guy first." "Shame it's taken me so long to realise nobody's perfect." "Even me?" laughed Sid. Together they laughed. When they climbed up the stairs to their flat she said, "Thank you for being my saviour." "Good thing I got the job I applied for now and didn't go home earlier." "You did, well done. Is that why you didn't tell us where you went?" "No." he said, "This is why." He said as they walked in. Inside was decorated with flowers and a banner spread across the wall saying 'I love you Kate'. "It's beautiful. But how did you-" "I got Sam to do it for me. He and Jenny are in your room. Sleep with me tonight." Kate smiled as he led her to is room were she climbed into bed and slept the events of that night. She might have lost her guy, but she gained someone much better. This was Mr Perfect. Remember the moral of this urban myth. Nobody is ever perfect. ...read more.

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