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Perform a close reading of Maupassant short readings - Analyse, Compare and contrast the texts and state with which characters, if any you have sympathy on.

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Perform a close reading of Maupassant short readings. Analyse, Compare and contrast the texts and state with which characters, if any you have sympathy on. 'A Vendetta' is a short story written by Guy de Maupassant pre 1914. 'A Vendetta' is set in Bonifacio, Corsica and is about a man who was savagely murdered and his mother swore over his dead body she would seek revenge. After an argument, Nicolas Ravolati murders Antoine Saverini by stabbing him in the back. When his mother sees her son's dead body for the first time, brought to her house by passers by, she sheds no tears however it is now that she swears she will avenge him. The old woman knows that she is too old and weak to carry out the murder herself. One night while Frisky the dog howled she was suddenly inspired. For three months she trained Frisky to kill by mistreating and aggravating her as a result of starving Frisky of food. When the old woman feels Frisky is fully trained she hitches a lift across the strait to the Island of Sardinia with a Sardinian Fisherman. For the duration of the trip across to the Island of Sardinia the old woman teases Frisky with a sausage to excite her. When they reach the island she enquires where Nicolas Ravolati is. She finds him working in the back of his workshop. ...read more.


Frisky is a black, bristly, longhaired of the sheep dog breed. It was ironic that she should go to confession knowing that what she was doing was wrong. It was strange that she was to go to confession before she carried out this devious crime. 'A Piece of String' is also a short story written by Guy de Maupassant pre 1914. 'A Piece of String' is set in Goderville and is based on a man called Master Hauchecorne who is wrongly accused of keeping a black leather wallet that he found, containing five hundreds francs, some business papers. Master Malandain witnessed Hauchecorne, picking up something, which he believed to be the lost wallet. Malandaine and Hauchecorn had never been friends after a feud over a head-stall. Master Hauchecorne was actually picking up a piece of string, he thought it would be worthwhile picking up anything that could come in useful. He pleads his innocence but not a soul believes him. The wallet was actually found by another man. Unable to read though, he took the wallet back to an employer who could. The man then returned the wallet with its content back to Master Houlbreque. Master Hauchecorne was still being accused of stealing the wallet and getting an accomplice to return it. As Hauchecorne told his story to the public, they were fascinated but unwilling to believe him as his story became more elaborate and exaggerated. ...read more.


Goderville is far more inviting and warm because it is more of a community, 'for it was market day'. The inhabitants of Goderville are meet at the market and they had meals together, where as in Bonifacio, the inhabitants keep themselves to themselves. There's no evidence in the story that the inhabitants are very friendly. With Bonifacio being close to the sea their line of work involves fishing. In 'A Vendetta' the old woman hitches a lift across the strait with a Sardinian Fisherman. In Goderville they live simple lives and work as agricultural farmers. 'A vendetta' is written about a woman and 'A Piece of String' is written about a man. The woman is awfully determined to avenge her son and the man is In 'A Vendetta', I have sympathy on Frisky because no one should treat an animal like the old woman did. For this reason I don't feel much sympathy for the old woman. In the beginning of the story I did feel sorry for the old woman due to the lose of her son. Her son was really her only friend. In 'A Piece of String' I felt sympathy for Master Hauchecorne because he was wrongly accused of stealing the wallet when it wasn't him at all plus how the mayor believed Master Malandain over him as it was his word against Master Malandain's. Robert Bland English Coursework ...read more.

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