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Performing Arts in Context Log Book West Side Story, The Romeo & Juliet (Baz Lurhman Version) And The Original Version: Character Analogies

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Voice 1 Log Book Vocal/ Physical Warm-Ups for Actors and Speakers Breathing: Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Do this 5 times. Inhale through the nose, filling lungs to 90% capacity, and then quickly fill up. Exhale with a relaxed a-a-a-h. Do this 5 times. Stretching: Stretch your neck to one side (ear to shoulder), then the other. Do this twice. Stretch your chin to your chest, then back. Do this twice. Stretch all the way around (chin to chest, shoulder, back, and chest) 5 times each way. Shake all over, like a wet dog, starting from the top and working down. Voice: Say "hah," "he," "hi," "ho," and "huh" from your diaphragm. Say each of your vowels from head to toe, toe to head, as if the sound is coming out of those parts of your body. Say each of your vowels as if it is coming from you mouth only, then nose, then eyes, then top of the head. Say each of your vowels from your facial mask (your whole face). Say "b-r-r-r-r" as if you are a race car. Do this several times. Say "gutter, butter, butter, gutter, good blood bad blood, good blood, bad blood red leather, yellow leather, red leather, yellow leather" Say "The Swiss wrist watch sank swiftly" 5 times. ...read more.


The play moves on to the dance, where gang colours identify the rival gangs. The ball scene moves from rituals and words heightening the family conflict to the fateful meeting of Romeo and Juliet, and a harsh reaction by her family. The dance scene moves from dances and words heightening the gang conflict to the fateful meeting of Tony and Maria, and a harsh reaction by her brother Bernardo. Juliet questions the importance of family rivalries in the face of true love ("What's in a name?--2.2.43) Tony expresses his newfound love in the song about her name ("Maria") The balcony of Juliet's room is the first place where the lovers can express their feelings. The fire escape of Maria's apartment is the first place where the lovers can express their feelings. Both express their feelings of fear and frustration in the face of family and society's restrictions. Both express their feelings of fear and frustration amid the racial and ethnic tensions they are experiencing. The dialogue uses light imagery. But, almost all of R&J happens in the evening or at night. Tony and Maria sing "Tonight" about a "world full of light." ...read more.


We also used another profile spotlight lantern pointing from the floor pointing diagonally behind the chess box to create very menacing shadows of the box and the manikin and were hoping to experiment with the two lights to produce a blend of the two and hopefully wouldn't clash and create any other unwanted colour. After rigging the light for the headless bride we found it became very effective with the colourless profile spotlight lantern. We adjusted the lantern with the deep red colour to cover the majority of the scene and the profile spotlight lantern on the floor was very effective and created a perfect shadow of the manikin. We were considering on using a flood light for the shadow effect we created but felt that it would be too overpowering and would ruin the effect of the deep red coloured lantern. However, we decided to experiment and felt that using the two profile spotlight lanterns was the most effective as each one were use to their maximum effectiveness. I felt that after producing the final piece it was more effective than I had hoped and the atmosphere in room and on the stage felt very menacing and I felt that our task was completed successfully. ...read more.

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