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Personal and Imaginative Writing.

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PERSONAL AND IMAGINATIVE WRITING I have experienced some of the most wonderful things a person can ever imagine while I have been on a holiday. I have seen more and experienced more in fifteen years than most people have seen in their entire lives. The different people, cultures and places I have seen are all amazing, beautiful and different. Some seem like they are straight out of storybooks. But of all the places I have had the good fortune to visit the one place that I love the most and crave to visit year after year is the United Kingdom, a visit to the United Kingdom is a must whenever we go on a holiday. A vacation without a stay in the United Kingdom, well, just doesn't feel like one. The fun I have had with my sister and various cousins there would take too much time so instead I will be sticking to a particular incident that always comes to my mind when I think of the U.K.The incident took place in one of London's most famous stores; no, I am not referring to the famous Marks & ...read more.


Anyway my parents are just ambling along soaking up the atmosphere and sometimes popping into some shopor other to check for bargains. When finally we arrived at our destination, at least it was the one I had in my mind. It was the HMV store so that I could buy the CD I wanted. I quickly made my way back through the crowd of people, got the cd I wanted and made my way back to where I had left my parents.There was only one problem when I got to where I had left them,to prepare for something that I had dreaded - my parents were nowhere to be found. Strangely, the first reaction that I had was not panic or even tears, rather I was quite calm and collected. I quietly wandered from section to section searching for my parents and my sister , quite confident that they would not have left without me.I was sure that it would be only a matter of time before I would find them and I would be able to go back home. ...read more.


day I have never been more relieved to see them.Anyway after that we did go home, not to worry I had had my share of adventure for the day and decided to stick to my parents like super glue.We reached home safely and of course after much recounting of the tale and even some scolding for running away like that we finally sat down to dinner.The dinner was excellent and I did not mind the scolding for the main reason I was still so glad to be with my parents, as well as the fact that to me the scolding seemed rather half-hearted. Looking back now I still wonder how and why such a scary event seems to be etched so clearly and deeply in my mind.Was it because it was a first time away from my parents, the first time that I was alone in the world, even though for only a short while?I have no idea and will never know.One thing though I never did get the cd I wanted so badly and after all this I didn even want it DONE BY: PRATEEK MERANI SR 5 F ...read more.

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