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personal creative coursework

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Personal creative writing School has just finished and it is a dark and murky winter day, people were walking down the school hill having just had a chaotic day, as a result everyone was jus quiet. You could hear the sounds of the squirrels scuttling along the grass. Richard ran down the hill calling my name, he came up to me and called me an idiot in a joking way for not waiting for him. Richard is one of my good friends and when he is around he lets you know. He was well known in school by the teachers for his famous pranks. After we got down the hill we went to the sweet shop, Richard shared a joke or two with the shop owner then told me he was going to the chip shop ...read more.


We ran inside the train station then got on the train, the first thing I noticed was the smell of sweat, I saw Hugo and Thomas from my school and we all sat next to each other. We were talking and all of a sudden Hugo started shouting insults at Richard. Richard stood up and his faced looked like an oversized balloon .I could tell he was mad because his sentences were not coming out fully. I was thinking that the only reason that he stood up was because we were in front of people. (Richard is that kind of person he likes to make himself look big in front of an audience). Before I knew it we came to selhurst station and we exited the train. ...read more.


(He never really took anything seriously).he looked again and then saw that the boy was not faking. Hugo stood there like a statue and I had noticed that Thomas had left the scenery. The boys' right leg had been severed by the train and people just looked at him and decided to walk along like they had not seen anything. He was still lying there in pain as I looked at him I felt a cold shivers running down my spinal cord-I had never seen anything like it. Me Richard and Hugo then ran to the ticket office a told a man there that a boys leg had been severed by the train they called an ambulance then we left the station. The next day we went to school I had noticed that Richards attitude had change towards people I think the train experience has changed him. By Roxcy Clottey ?? ?? ?? ?? Roxcy ...read more.

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