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Personal imaginitive

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Personal and Imaginative Coursework Unit My name, Aarit, means 'one who seeks the right direction.' But my choices do not seem to be the right paths. I am very uncertain especially on life. Is it worth living or not? Too many bad things happen in this world. Hunger and famine taunts the people whist death and terrorism torments the world. War destroys communities and homes as disease plagues mankind with evil and suffering. Are the killers just bad people killing the innocent or people sent by God to restore peace and rid the world of darkness? There are too many questions and nothing to answer them with. Is God punishing the bad in an attempt to restore the good? If so, then why am I being punished? What have I done? My name is Aarit Patel and I see no meaning in life. The Poona rice farm have been in my family for generations and, up until four years ago, was the most successful rice farm in all of India. ...read more.


Glancing up, I remembered all the good times I had with my family in that house. Its large, white walls had kept us warm in the night. The largest house in the village was once in my possession; when the profits from the fields were blooming. Six bedrooms, all with radiators, central heating and comfortable furniture. People would visit everyday and we were the most popular family in the village. Now, we live in a shanty hut, with two rooms. It is a metal shelter, constructed by hand that will fall down if the wind is strong enough. Mould grows from all the walls and rats infest the area that we live. The sun beats down, drying the mouth and with no running water within half a mile, life is almost unbearable. The heat swelters inside the shelter, quickly evaporating any water stores that we have in our hut. Food is also sparse. ...read more.


The room was well decorated with painting with gave a clear indication that I was in a large house with a rich owner. I remember being scared, remembering my wife and all the great times that we had shared together. I was unsure what to do, where to go and how to explain my absence to my wife. I climbed through the window ran home. The event had changed my life and I thought it was all over until one morning my fears became reality. Three weeks ago, a brown woman, about twenty five turned up at our hut. She was very beautiful. She told me she was pregnant with my child and was going to keep it. Since then my wife has been thinking and decided that she would leave me. My life has been a series of disasters. Nothing I have done has been right. Now, I have given up. My choices in life have always been wrong and life does not seem to be worth living. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

There is some good description in here but as a whole piece it is not that cohesive and the structure needs to be developed so that the events all hang together a bit more successfully.

4 Stars

Marked by teacher Laura Gater 08/10/2013

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