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Personal Narrative - After 9th grade algebra I wasnt so scared of math anymore. Yes I still struggled, but I worked

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´╗┐When I say that 9th grade honors algebra was the hardest foreign language class I have ever taken, I am not over exaggerating. I would walk into my algebra class each morning wanting to sprint right back out. That was how intimidated I was from algebra. The first two trimesters were the worse for me. All my life I had been use to getting A?s on tests and it completely devastated me to be getting C?s and D?s. ...read more.


Finally, in the third trimester I started to get the grades I wanted on my tests. The only thing I was missing this whole time was self confidence. In the first two trimesters I never had the confidence when I took my tests. I always had the mindset that since I failed the quiz there is no way I will do well on this test. Once I stated believe in myself, I started getting the test scores I wanted. ...read more.


Believing in myself also gave me the opportunity to play college soccer. Next fall I will be playing for the women?s team at Adrian College. I have never been the tallest or strongest player on the soccer field, but when I play with self confidence I am just as big and strong as the other girls. Self confidence will get me very far in whichever way I want to go in life. Whenever I start to doubt myself I think back to 9th grade algebra. The way I see it, 9th grade algebra will always give me motivation, and I am very glad that I did not switch out of honors to regular algebra. ...read more.

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