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Personal Profile Jenny that's my name, my full name. Throughout the years people have extended my name to Jennifer, even though it's not. That can be annoying, but after sixteen years I have got used to it. I live in Abington a few minutes away from Northampton Town's County Cricket Club. I think living so close to the cricket club has turned me off the sport, but more about that later. I also live near Abington Park and have many happy memories of there. Childhoods spent falling off my bike, blackberrying with my dad and Easter egg hunts with my friends. My family consist of five people; me, my brother, my sister, my mum and dad. My mum, Mandy, is 41 and an aging punk rocker fortunately she's ditched the purple hair many years ago, and now she's trying to grasp respectability by working as a teacher. My dad is 45 and my mum says he's past his prime. He try's hard to recapture is youth by stealing my brothers hair gel on the sly, and practicing martial arts at every available opportunity. My brother, Chris, is 20 and studying sport at Moulton College. He wants to be a P.E teacher but I think he's harbouring a secret desire to be famous, because he insists he's the spitting image of any famous ginger person. ...read more.


After I stopped training I became very lazy and eating a great deal, very regularly for example; Big Mac's, fudge cakes, milky ways and crisps and the list goes on but I've got to stop as I'm making my self hungry. Even though I eat so much I haven't gained any weight, but I keep getting reminded it will catch up with me. So I suppose I'll have to eat healthier in the future if I'm going to maintain my to die for figure (I wish). I have recently taken my health much more seriously; I have joined a gym and am eating more sensibly. My favourite hobby is the beautiful game... football, not playing mind you, just watching. The team I support through the highs and lows are the Super Blues, Chelsea. About three years ago I used to love Frank Lampard and nearly had a heart attack when I saw a life size cut out of him at Tescos, just think what would happen is I saw the real life Frank Lampard. I think when he became a dad it took the shine of him and I saw him as a old man. As Frank Lampard was no longer "a hottie" and was doing is fatherly duty's, like changing nappies, a new younger better looking player came on the scene "Cesc Fabregas." ...read more.


She's a role model and mother and most of all a best friend. I only have one mum and that fact is unchangeable, and I'm glad because I don't need any one better. Everything that I do in life she's taught me, she's always there for me she's one person who I can tell everything and that's a true friend. My future ambitions are to have a nice house and some children, preferably a boy and a girl. But my main goal is to be a fire fighter. So many people don't think I'll be able to make it as a fire fighter but comments like that only make me more determined therefore I think this goal is very realistic. As I enter my final GCSE year my expectations of school have changed. I realise now that this is the place that is going to help me realise my dreams. I now know school is not a place just to hang out, it is a place to learn; a place that will help me on the journey to reach my goals. This year I have focused a lot on my career, I have found out a lot about being a fire fighter and am taking steps to achieve my goal. Taking all of this into account I suppose I have matured and of that I'm am very proud. ...read more.

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