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Personal statement. I have completed Year 10 already. I will be in sixth form in less than a years time, so it would be a good time for me to start thinking about my future now.

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I live with my parents and 18 years old elder sister. Although I am the youngest at home, they do not treat me as a young, little innocent boy. Instead, my family tries its best to push me forward in every aspect. Ever since, I have become a fairly tough and demanding person. When I was in Hong Kong, I studied at St. Paul's College for three years until the end of F.3. I was supposed to continue my secondary school life at St. Paul's. However, I decided to study in the UK because this would broaden my horizon of the outside world. I managed to convince my parents and they agreed that coming to the UK would be good for me, and so one of my dreams has come true. Therefore, I have continued my studies in the UK since last year and at this time, I have completed Year 10 already. I will be in sixth form in less than a year's time, so it would be a good time for me to start thinking about my future now. ...read more.


Yet, the reason I swim is because I am asthmatic and I just want to maintain a healthy body. For this reason, I declined their offer and simply joined the swimming club which organizes a scheduled swimming activity every Thursday. I gained valuable knowledge of how to monitor a shop whilst working as a shopkeeper in the Cobham Oxfam Shop as part of a voluntary community action project. As well as making my small contribution to the local community, this opportunity also allowed me to develop skills in communication. During the summer holidays, I would join street-side donation canvassing campaigns for charities in Hong Kong. In addition to being a way of giving back to society, I think these experiences of being on one's feet for hours under a hot sun seeking donations from people you do not know, and getting ignored often, are very good experiences for teaching me re-silence and persistence. Other than school and voluntary work, I love to keep up-to-date with current affairs. ...read more.


China has now become one of the fastest growing economies in the world. For sure, its cultural background is a part of the reason why this is the case. As a person of chinese ancestry, I will bring an oriental perspective to the Sevenoak's classroom in conjunction with the internationalism that Sevenoaks successfully promotes. Further, as both my parents were amongst the first batch of outside people who were posted to Beijing in the 1980s when China first re-opened its doors to the world and often talk to me about their experiences during our evening discussions and weekend hikes, I believe I should be able to contribute in discussions on the good and bad sides of globalization in Sevenoak's classroom. It is through deep personal reflection which makes me conclude that Sevenoaks School is the right place to extend my talents and growth, and where my personality will be nurtured to become matured. I believe that if allowed to join, I would do my best to, and will be able to make my contribution to the student environment of Sevenoaks. ...read more.

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