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personal study on dentist

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It was 12:15; my appointment was at half past. As I stood in front of the flat style red brick orthodontist I debated whether I would have enough time to eat the delicious pizza baguette in the warm paper bag I held in my right hand. Or would I be able to eat it after the appointment. I decided in favour of the initial option as I was sure my teeth would be aching after having being torturously fitted with braces and I was also extremely early. I walked down the cobbled pavement and sat myself down on the black metal bench. The glaring beams of sunlight had transformed the usually cold bench into a warm one that was quite pleasant to sit on. I seated myself and opened the paper bag and produced one of the nicest foot-long baguettes that I had ever seen, with Greggs' own special pizza sauce and overwhelming amounts of cheese I knew that to say that I will enjoy this is going to be an understatement. Without any hesitation I took my first bite of irresistible taste. Firstly the oily stringy cheese followed by tangy tomato sauce and finally the smooth fresh bread. ...read more.


It seemed that wooden laminate floors and plain white walls covered in few posters and notices were the status quo for orthodontic practice decorating. I gave my name at reception and took a seat at one of the green leather benches designed with the sole purpose of lack of comfort and sore behinds in mind. One by one all the existing patients were called on the tannoy and new patients entered. My mind left me and I began to daydream about food but my dreams were abruptly cut by a tannoy announcement "Imran Ahmed to surgery one please. Thank you." Fear suddenly caught me as my legs stood up of their own accord, I opened the wooden door. My hands my hands griping the door handle leaving droplets of sweat on the door handle. A similar wooden door with a single circular glass pothole stood in front of me but this door had "surgery one "on the metal label. I took a deep breath, rubbed my hands on my jeans to dry the moisture off of them then knocked the door and walked in. ...read more.


"Ok this is to brush your teeth." He activated the drill and a sudden high pitched scream filled the room. It hurt my ears. He brushed my teeth. I could feel small things hitting the roof of my mouth. I hoped it wasn't chippings of my teeth. The "toothbrush" had left my teeth aching. Once he had finished with this he picked up small metal squares and placed them into my teeth, fixing them by applying huge pressure. My gums hurt. Finally the orthodontist placed the wire in the pieces of metal. That didn't hurt. "All done. You see, that didn't hurt did it?" I shook my head agreeing with him, deciding lying was better than staying here a moment longer. "O.K so I'll be seeing you again in fifteen weeks, until then take good care of your new brace and remember to brush twice a day. No eating for the next five hours. Bye" "Bay" I said, sounding pathetic already half way out the door. I raced out of the practice with sore teeth and now also very hungry. As I walked down the cobbled pavement towards the bus stop all I wished was that I had eaten two pizza baguettes before my appointment, one was not nearly filling enough ...read more.

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