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personal to done by me

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I came to England in 2002 and since then I've been setting tasks to achieve my goal, which is to go on to higher education and get a degree qualification. I am keen on all aspects of business but I have a particular interest in Accountancy and Finance, due to my personal skills. In lessons, I love doing a database or spreadsheet for a business. It's the one of best way to see how a business is going on. At a young age I used to assist my Mother who used to run a small business, a cake shop, which inspired me to think that one day I will run my own business. ...read more.


Through this I have gained confidence and I have developed my communication skills. Due to the diversity of subjects I have studied at school and college and due to my multiple personal skills, I've worked in different jobs, mainly in customer services and as a cashier. This has helped me to improve my skills further and I have been able to take on greater responsibility within my place of work. I live on my own, which has made me to realise the value of money. ...read more.


Being responsible for myself at such a young age in a new country and making such impressive progress has boosted my confidence for going to university. I am currently taking an Access to High Education in business and I would like to do a Business and Finance course as well as dealing with Management area. I am ready to start to university, to leave my work if necessary and commit myself to my studies. I really look forward to my chosen degree and to becoming busy in aspects of university life. Therefore I am looking for a University that can offer me a rewarding and challenging course that I find leading to a comfortable lifestyle. ...read more.

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