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Personal Writing.

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Khuram Akram 10T Personal Writing Autobiography I woke up earlier than usual for my first day at the Royal Grammar School, at six o'clock to be precise. I was feeling weary and fatigued but then I realised what day it was and my eyes just flew open as if I had seen something very shocking. I jumped out of bed and sprinted to and fro in excitement, and gradually after my excitement settled slightly I went downstairs for a spot of breakfast, but I then became conscious of the fact that I wasn't hungry. I then scuttled upstairs and ran straight towards my wardrobe where my new school uniform awaited me. After I looked at myself in the wardrobe the smile on my face rapidly evolved into a frown, my new royal blue blazer came down to my knees and my grey jumper seemed to be like a present my grandma had knitted for me. Grudgingly, I went downstairs again to seek my mother and show her how the uniform seemed to be extra large on me. However, she ignored my judgment, as she was more concerned by trying to get the digital camera to work in order to take some photos of me. ...read more.


We had to queue in descending order of height, and to my shock I was nearer toward the front of the line. My turn for the photo finally arrived, and I sat down in front of the photographer and noticed that at least twenty boys were looking, which slightly put me off. The photographer seemed to be very demanding and he wanted my photo to be perfect, he was acting as if I was going to be on the cover of a magazine. Nevertheless, I responded to his demands politely and I even managed to force a smile at the end. After I was told it was break, and I lingered around for a while, as I did not want to depart the Queens Hall on my own. To my relief, I made my very first friend at the school; he seemed to be waiting for somebody too. The boy seemed to have the same interests as me, and after a long talk we decided to go to the canteen. The canteen was already packed with pupils that were twice the size we were, but then I figured out that they were the older boys in the school. I felt like a small ant scurrying around compared to the giant teenagers. ...read more.


I was feeling very drowsy on the coach, somehow the droning of the engine helped relax me. Finally I reached my stop, and I stepped off the warm and luxurious coach and into the cold and wet pathway. I was dying to tell my mother about my first day at school, so I decided to sprint home. I was running home very fast, carefully dodging the dog droppings in the dark alleys, every now and again splashing into a big deep puddle. After a few minutes of running I finally reached home, as soon as I opened the door my mother came to greet me. "How dare you! Do you have any idea how much I had to spent to pay for that..." After giving her a puzzled look, I stared down at my uniform. It was drenched and the bottom of my trousers had mud stains, it almost seemed as if I was coming back from fighting in the front line. My mother gave me a very distressing look and marched off towards the kitchen, not quite the welcoming I had imagined. I went upstairs and headed straight towards my bedroom, and just fell onto the bed. I remember thinking that I would love to stay on at this school for the next six years, and I closed my eyes for one minute and suddenly dozed off. 1 ...read more.

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