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Personal Writing.

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I pressed my forehead against the window, to take a look outside. The airport couldn't be very far now as I could see the tip of a runway. I shifted back into my seat when my breath condensed against the plastic and I couldn't see anymore. It had been about a month since I learned about our move to India. I wasn't very happy about this; I had figured that I wouldn't be able to settle in. My brother and sister who are originally from India had told me very bad things about the living style there. I was born here. I wasn't sure about how I should fell about moving there, should I feel happy, sad. I was very confused. This was going to be a whole new experience for me, one like I've never had before. When I was around six, my dad used to work as a senior flight purser for Air-India. At work, my dad was asked if he could move to India as it was easier for the company to allocate him to flights. After deep thought, my dad agreed and this was where and when it all began, our journey to India. We were planning to move there for good. My dad had a flat in Bombay, (now known as Mumbai) in which they used to stay before. It was in the suburbs of the city, such as Harrow is in London. The plane suddenly shook, we had touchdown. This was Bombay international airport. The plane was at a tilt which made it hard for me to look out the window. But I did see the beggar's huts lining the side of the runway. I was disgusted, the huts were extremely shabby. They were made out of plastic and rags. One was so weak it tilted; I bet it could take the London bus leaning test and win. ...read more.


I still don't understand what's so good about it, but then again I had better, more complex toys and I would need something that could challenge me. I soon learned that I should appreciate what I have, as some kids would dream of having what I didn't want. One of my favourite places to be was Versova beach. Down the coast near my house. It was around ten to fifteen minutes away form our flat. The actual beach was very dirty but what made the place fun were the rocks piled against the side of the cliff. The beach was lower than the road and buildings, as if it were down a cliff. There were some stairs you could use to climb down but adventurous people would climb down the rocks. They had been piled all along the cliff to protect the buildings, road and cliff from huge waves or a high tide as this could cause erosion and wear away the whole place making buildings collapse and killing many people. It did these by absorbing the power of the waves crashing down onto the side of the cliff and not harming the edge at all. There were many small gaps between the rocks, similar to mini caves. You could hang out at one of these and have small picnics comprised of food and activities with your friends. You had to make sure you got a good foothold and sturdy place to sit and watch out for these small crabs as they were very dangerous for their size. One of my friends made the mistake of sitting on one; he was pinched in the buttocks. He bled a bit but had seemed to be in a lot of pain. Even after this, it was a cool place to be. Down the coast, lay a more popular beach named Juhu. It was sort of a tourist attraction. ...read more.


To add more fuel to the fire, he even tore a strap of my bag. Not being able to bear it anymore, I launched myself at his chest. He fell backwards and that's when I went on the attack. I thundered down my fists at his chest and face. It took many kids to pry me away from him. I felt like as if was going to kill him. One reason for my anger could be the whole trip and I just needed something to take it out on. The boy ran away and I didn't see hi at school for the next few days. The funny thing was that I never got into any trouble as no teachers would be around at lunchtimes. I was very fortunate. As you can see, my time in India proved to be a very adventurous year, although not all points were positive. It had its highs and lows. My trip did however, change me, it changed my perspective on life. I used to think that I had it hard when my parents didn't buy me toys because we were short on cash or whatever, but after seeing kids in India, especially those in the villages, I felt wrong to feel angry or sad. If I wanted a new toy and didn't want the old and I was going to toss it away, the poor kids would dream of having them. This made me think that I should be happier with what I got. I also got much smarter on my trip. Believe it or not but my grades boosted when I came back. Maybe it's because I got used to hard work and this was easy compared to my work there. My confidence went high to as I wasn't very dependent on my parents for many things after this. When I look back, I'm really proud of the way I changed and am glad that I spent a year in India. I think that everyone should get an opportunity like this over their lifetimes as this enlightens them in some sort of a way. ...read more.

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