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Personal Writing - Fiction - A child's account of a first day at school.

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Lisa Atkinson Personal Writing-Fiction A child's account of a first day at school Mums always have a way of making the smallest things sound exciting. This is what my mum was trying to do when I was in the bath last night. "Tomorrow," she said in her all knowing voice. "You are going to be starting school with all the other big boys and girls." Now to most children it must sound like all their dreams have come true. I mean to be in the same place as the big kids as they are playing games and running around. In the past I have only been able to watch them and now to be able to be play with them. That night as I went to sleep I started thinking of what lay before me in the morning. When I woke up the next morning I went into the living room as normal, only to find my breakfast ready for me on the small table in the middle of the room and a strange set of clothes on the back of the chair. ...read more.


Mum was leaving when she turned back and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I knew what it meant. She was leaving. I was not happy about this, but I chose not to start crying because I knew that it would upset my mum. So I watched her leave and then I walked into the corner and all I wanted to do was to stay there, I felt so alone. Why had my mum left me in this strange place when I did not know anybody? Was my mum going to come back for me? I had no way of knowing if she was ever coming back, but Miss Royle came over to me and took me over to the painting area and gave me an apron. "Put this on Melissa," she said "and you can do a painting of how you are feeling about your first day at a new school." I put on the apron that I was given and started to paint, When I began, I wanted to paint something so that my mum would not bring me here again, but after I had been painting for a while I began to enjoy it. ...read more.


I have had some time to get to know the way things work and where everything goes. I did some more painting and I also played in the water with a watering can. I love playing with water at home with my toys or in the bath but it's much better playing with my friends. "Start clearing away now children," Said Miss Royle, "It's almost time to go home." I didn't realise it, but the day had gone so quickly and although I was looking forward to seeing my mum, I wanted to stay with my friends to play for a while. "Put on your coat and get ready for your mums and dads to come and get you." Said Miss Royle. Miss Royle helped me put on my coat and hat, after that I sat on the mat to wait for my mum. My mum arrived a few minutes later and took me home, as I left I said "Goodbye" to my new friends and to Miss Royle. My mum asked me when we got home what I had done at school, so I told her that I had a great time and that I could not wait to go again. ...read more.

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