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Personal Writing Fiction

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Personal Writing Fiction I sat inhaling and exhaling the sweet sent of this unfamiliar room. As I sat on the solid cherry parquet floor with my back supported by the dusty pink wall, tears of bleakness rolled down my pale cheeks. I drew in a long breath of air in order to calm myself down. I had run up the huge spiral staircase of this huge house, in less than a minute. As adrenaline was still pumping through my body, I found a room to escape my parents' annoying bickering. Earlier, when I had thrown myself against the wall had hurt me so now with a tremendous amount of strained effort I stood up. Even through the grand oak door, which stood ahead of me like a giant; the shrill tone of my mother and the bellowing of my father's voice was hearable. This habit of theirs was getting tedious. It had been less than five minutes that we had been at our new home, and they were already fighting. Blocking out their voices, I wiped of the remaining salty tears from my damp cheeks. I turned to closely observe the room in which I was hiding. I gazed around the room in awe. My surrounding captured the wonderful beauty I felt from it within seconds. ...read more.


I felt like an intruder in this room, and maybe unwanted. A jolt of reality hit me. This house is mine, I could do what I wanted and I could go where I wanted! I wanted to shake of my fear. My breath quickened, my mouth went dry. I pushed open the wooden screen. Firstly pushing with all my might I tried to open the creaky and awfully rusty screen. It was now ajar, creating just enough room for me to fit through. Trembling, with my heart thudding in my ears I had no idea as to why I was so nervous. This room I was currently in was so comforting and warm. The other room couldn't have been unpleasant. However an instinct in my mind told me that I was wrong, very wrong. Closing my eye and taking a deep breath I slid in with my back against the frostiness of the wood. Feeling a blow of cold wind I knew I was in the other half. Still leaning against the screen, I felt myself falling back. Abruptly my eyes flew open. Breath escaped my mouth. I felt as if I had been punched in my stomach. I turned to face the screen, understanding what had happened, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. ...read more.


A cold sweep of air brushed past me, leaving my hair disheveled. Standing still like a statue with my back pressed into the wall, a nauseous feeling passed across my whole body. The sun was now setting from what I could see, the room gradually grew darker. The original shafts of light, which had drawn my attention to the room, had now vanished. From where I now stood in the room, the faces of the room were closing in on me. Slowly, they laughed. Laughed at my state of mind. All colours drained from my face. Walls, closing in on me like the darkness. I desperately tried to draw in oxygen from the small space, which had me caged in like an animal. Darkness was dawning upon the room more rapidly, the three walls closing in on me much faster, reckless faces looking bloodthirsty. The lack of space was strangling me. A pair of blood shot eyes glared at me. I dropped. Going limp I found myself staring at the vindictive pair of eyes right above me, the ceiling had also closed in on me aswell. I was lying in a box, big enough to be my coffin. I could feel the breath of the women above me, icy and sour. My inert body lay still and hopeless. As I blinked one last time as darkness and numbness enveloped me, my heavy eyelids shut. Not knowing if they were going to ever open again. Zahra Yazdani 10P 1 ...read more.

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