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Personal writing - I looked across the hall and saw him sitting there shaking in the corner. He was scared of what they were gonna do to him.

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I looked across the hall and saw him sitting there shaking in the corner. He was scared of what they were gonna do to him. If it weren't for my intervention he'd have ended up in the infirmary. Those twisted wardens beat the poor kid to a pulp and it doesn't help him that he's an asthmatic. He's only a young kid, not much older than my son. I suppose that's why I stick up for him, because he reminds me of my son, Alexander. God, what I'd give to see Alex's smiling face again, but that's just a dream, I aint gonna ever see his face again. He aint allowed to step one foot in this prison, because he keeps trying to break me out. He just a daft fool who misses his pop. JP or John was a popular fellow with the other inmates. He was seen as the comical one. Always tryin' to brighten people's up, by cracking a joke or doin' somethin' funny. For god sakes even the parole officer likes him and he was taught to hate all of us. However the only person who don't like him outside is that bastard who framed his ass. Even the parole officer knows he was framed, he just aint got the balls to stand up against the judge. ...read more.


John arrived at Jerry's parents at 7:36 A.M. He had left a note with Becki saying he gone to a seminar entitled, 'How To Be A Successful Businessman.' He had to lie to her to be sure she didn't get involved in this. Jerry opened the door, 'Morning John. Can't believe you're early for once! Becki really has changed you hasn't she. Hey John, sorry about what I said yesterday. I guess I'm just jealous. It's just I need a woman.' 'Hey Jerry it's all right. Don't beat yourself up over it.' 'Ok. Well my parents have gone to work, so we can prepare. I'll be using my rifle, but if anything goes wrong, you brought your magnum didn't you.' 'Yer, sure I did.' Prison life is tough. There's rivalry, fighting, treachery and shite living conditions. The rivalry mainly comes down to two gangs, separated by race, but united by violence. JP and me aint in either of the gangs. I suppose you could say we are drifters. They try to stay away from each other, but life is so boring here, the only good thing you can do is fight. The last big fight they had was about a week ago. It was in the canteen. The only place someone can relax. There was stabbing, punching, kicking and biting. ...read more.


'John Perkins, we have a warrant to search your house on suspicion on murder.' The 4 men entered and immediately searched every nook and cranny in the house. They soon found the rifle and the briefcase. The man wearing coveralls tested the briefcase and the gun barrel for fingerprints. He found John Perkin's fingerprints all over both of them. The casing of the bullet that was found near the scene matched the same ones as the bullets in the cartridge. 'John Perkins, I am arresting you on suspicion of murder and the concealment of unreported weaponry.' The officer told him his rights and marched out of the house and into the back of his police car. So many things went through John's head on the way to the police station. One question remained in his head all the way there though and that was, 'WHY?' As I walk the dreaded 'Green Mile' I look around and see people that will soon be walking this walk. I see white faces and black faces. I see old faces and young faces. But the one face I don't see is little JP. Thanks god I got him out of here. I've heard the burning smells like burnt pork. I know one thing though, and that is I aint gonna burn like no pig, I'm gonna burn like a fat white man who turned over a new leaf, to save the life of a young helpless kid, JP. Neil Fraser Tales from Death Row Mrs Michael English 6VM 11A1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Aldous Huxley section.

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