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Personal Writing:Monologue

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Personal Writing: Monologue Alan is in bed, lying on his back looking up at the ceiling. "Now I know it was all worth it in the end. All the upsets paid off. Even though the training was boring, and I'm not really looking forward to another year of it, I'm glad that I attended nearly all of them. I mean, the only time that I ever missed a training session was when I was ill with Flu in February and when I went on holiday, and compared to some of the other kids that go there, that was pretty good going. I do like swimming; I like swimming a lot. But the training sessions are so boring. Swimming isn't really a socialising sport, you've always got your head in the water, so you can't really speak to people. ...read more.


I can't wait!" Alan leans over to his bedside cabinet and picks up his medal. "I've been waiting for you for a long time. I can still remember being in the car on the way to the competition, it was so nerve racking that I nearly said that I wasn't going to swim. That definitely would have been a stupid thing to do. But I think that Mum and Dad would have persuaded me into doing the race anyway. When I went up and stood behind the diving blocks at the beginning of the qualifying race it was really scary. Time seemed to just slow down for a minute, and then before I knew it I was standing on the diving blocks waiting for the Starter to say 'Take Your Marks'. ...read more.


I could see that the boy in the lane next to me was slightly in front, I had to change that. I swam with all of my energy for the last 10 meters or so and touched the end of the pool in first place. That meant Gold. I didn't believe it at the time. I still don't think it's sunk in yet. Alan places his medal back on his bedside cabinet, roles over and closes his eyes. I'll be able to try for the British Olympic team next year, it would be excellent if got in it, Mum and Dad would be so proud. I suppose that really, even if I don't want to do swimming anymore, as long as I am making Mum and Dad proud, then I am happy, and that's all that matters." ...read more.

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