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personal writing with a twist

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English Coursework Personal Writing-An Autobiography with a Twist Well I'm Zoe Louise and I'm 14 years old. Today's date is the 28th October 2008 and the time is 4.55pm. Exactly 1year, 8 months, 14 days, 7 hours and 55 minutes ago, the first sign that I was going to have the worst day in the history of the world, happened... ... It was February 14th 2007 and I was in France at the ski resort of ST.Gervais. I was with my school on a skiing trip and my school friends. I remember the feeling that came across me that morning. I woke up in the dark loneliness of my room and thought to myself 'I would do anything to be waking up in the comfort ness of my own warm bed'. But I was here. I wasn't complaining though, I was enjoying myself. I love skiing and I love being with my friends. Perfect solution to a holiday you would think. But this feeling... 'Homesickness' I moaned to myself as I sat up in my bed. But today I remember having this other feeling. In my gut, as if I knew that everything was going to go wrong today. A few hours later I was waiting in the queue (if you can call it a queue, more like a crowd of hungry wolves) of people who are waiting to get in a gondola to take then to the top of the mountain. As I was waiting I felt a sense of tension within my body as if it were telling me not to go skiing today. As I got to the front I saw the non stopping gondola coming towards me and I felt the gentle giant Samantha (one of my best girl friends) push me onto the gondola from behind. Once I was on I felt slightly more relaxed and just wanted to get out of the station and up to the top. ...read more.


But that's what happened. I was lucky because I was skiing at the back and only saw the incident. What happened was, everyone was skiing in a line and them Adam who was at the front decided he was going to be a clever sod and stop. It seemed to all happen in slow motion and I saw every little detail that occurred. The other 6 were not expecting to stop and then 'Crash'. Alfie went into Adam, Tom went into Alfie, Reece Went into Tom, Sam went into Reece and Hayley and me had just enough time to realize what was going on and stop. Although Hayley very nearly went into the back of Sam but just skimmed her with a millimetre of space between them. As a result of all this all 5 of them that were in the pile up fell over but in, what I can only describe as a dominos form. One after another each one of them fell to the floor, leaving a pile of bodies just lying on the floor. All of this happened in a few milliseconds but I remember it so vivid that it seemed as if it took ten minutes. My immediate reaction to this was to laugh. But as I laughed I quickly stopped myself because I noticed the gaze of disgrace from my friends who were in the heap. It was if there were 5 devils all starring at me and giving me an evil look. I was just so pleased that I wasn't involved because everyone skiing past was stopping to have a good look and laugh at our expense. I can just remember thinking to myself 'How embarrassing'. I then come to my senses and the manners in me came out. I quickly undone my skis and rushed over to help get them up and back onto their skis. After it happened we all laughed about it but it wasn't a very enjoyable time for them. ...read more.


Now he has turned into someone I despise but yet still feel unconditional love for. I feel like just jumping from my balcony now because all I had in life has just been taken from under my feet. I guess he will never know just how much I love him. I have officially had the worst day in the history of the world...EVER!' My resolution to that day came about the next morning when I woke up. Well not really because I had been awake all night thinking about my broken heart. My way of dealing with all the commotion of 14th February 2007 was to just delete the day out of my life. And now on 28th October 2008 I am sitting here still in the dark loneliness of my room thinking about that day. Yes I still think about Alfie, I haven't really got a choice. He goes to my school and I have to see him every day. But the hardest thing, you know, is having to pass him in the corridor and see him in class and then when we accidentally catch each others eye, its breaks my heart all over again. I can't let him go. I don't think I ever will. But ill have to try. They say that first love dies. Well it hasn't and I can't shake him off of my heart. It's as if he's got a giant stamp and prodded it all over my precious and delicate heart. But as I said. I have now deleted that day out of my life and now when I see Alfie, yes I do feel heartbroken, but just for a second or two and then I say to myself 'He's just a friend, it never happened' and everything seems to just go away. It's as if I put a brick wall around my heart and now no one will ever break it again because my heart is too strong now. IN some ways I have some things to thank Alfie for. He made me stronger. So, Thanks Alfie. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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