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Personel writing - Simple

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Short Story Chapter One - Simple Joe stepped out of the revolving doors. His sigh could easily be identified as one of relief. The dreary London rain could be seen disturbing the image of the people on the other side of the road. People's breath could be seen in the cold air. Many people were hurrying down the street armed with umbrellas like they were defending against the invading rain. Joe put up his umbrella and joined the rest of London rushing down the streets. One guy could be seen running down the road cradling what looked like his only belongings in his arms. He was soaked to the skin with the rain his body visible through his wet shirt. He walked directly into Joe and his papers all fell to the floor. ...read more.


Joe called in the newsagent and the lady behind the counter handed him his cigarettes, to which he placed the exact change on the counter, without a word exchanged between the two. He finally arrived at his block of flats; he walked up the four flights of stairs the walked to his room, 403. Rather than take a key out of his pocket Joe reached above the doorway and grabbed the key from there, he placed it into the lock, opened the door and returned the key to its home. He then switched the light on. The room was plain, simple and more than anything run down. There were only enough utilities for a persons basic needs. ...read more.


Joe put the catch on the door behind him then immediately walked to the phone, he picked up the receiver and dialled a number "The usual please mo" he said. Then placed the receiver down, he sat on his chair and began flicking through the channels. Sum half an hour later a knock was heard at the door, Joe went to answer it to find no-one there. He looked down and noticed his pizza on the floor. A quiet thump could be heard...Joes eyes immediately swept the corridor...he knew some one was there and after a minute of thinking he reached out behind him a grabbed hold of someone Joe threw him to the floor and began staring at him. "What the hell do you want?" He said in anger. Chapter One Adam Bevan First Draft ...read more.

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