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persuasive: against cloning

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Against Human Cloning Imagine walking through a dark alley 20 years from now; you see a shadowy figure on the other side slowly approaching. A light flickers in the distance diffusing a dimmed shade of orange, and although you can't see clearly through the darkness, the figure seems strangely familiar ... almost as if it were your shadow. As you walk further and further toward the flickering light, it appears you're walking into... yourself - the same face shape, eye color, hair texture - all of you! But that can't be...you don't have a twin. It must be your clone! How would you feel seeing this person? Cloning has been going on without much controversy for years, but ever since the successful cloning of the Finn Dorset sheep, Dolly, the subject has been one of much debate. Given the current advancement of our technology, one critical question remains; should we or should we not pursue this technology in the development of human cloning? Is cloning absolutely essential to improve the quality of our lives? Through recent history, many responses have carved a significant indication, which points to the conception that human cloning should not be supported regardless of any situation. And since cloning is degrading, extremely dangerous, profligate, and easily abused, it should be illegal. First of all, discrimination between clones and authentic people is likely to erupt since we would consider a clone as a copy of the original rather than an individual similar to a twin. ...read more.


The children's main problem would be developing and growing old too quickly and encountering diseases and characteristics you start to develop in adulthood, such as appearance, and organ function. In fact, Dolly the sheep died prematurely of severe lung disease and also suffered from arthritis at an unexpected early age. Since the chance of having a child with mental and physical problems is so much higher than that of a normally conceived child, cloning should be illegal. In studies done on cows, 4 out of 12 birth mothers died. There is also a very high abnormality rate for the clone as well as a very high failure rate, which is shown in the cloning of Dolly. Dolly, the sheep that was cloned in 1996, was one of over 200 sheep embryos. Hers was the only embryo that survived and the rest died or were thrown away. Imagine if the failure rate is that high when we start to clone humans. More than 200 embryos, the start of 200 human beings, would die for the sake of just one single embryo. Even if you had a few successful embryos, miscarriages have been unmistakably common in animal tests. Which brings to question, if someone could not become pregnant, would it not seem much more rational to choose to adopt and be guaranteed a healthy, normal child rather than spend this US $100,000 to clone a child that could possibly have defects? ...read more.


However, this argument only goes so far as to assume that all cloned people will enrich our society with respectable qualities and righteous intentions. If we were to accept the fact that qualities could indeed be passed through genetics, there is also a huge possibility of cloning a dictator or a criminal, which could pose a threat to the entire society. Since we can't amount for the number of criminals waiting for the announcement of successful cloning technology, we must consider the posing question. Would our society benefit from one talented musician and a gross of tyrants with the capability of destroying our world, (such as Hitler and Stalin) or none of either? Not only is the cloning process dangerous to the clone, and birth mother, it would be a violation of the clones rights to its own genetic identity and individuality, and we would risk reducing the value of life, taking away individuality from our society, and destroying the social system humans have long developed. By permitting human cloning, a whole gamut of problems would occur. The research of human cloning would certainly help infertility, however preserving the value of our lives and individuality, are far more important than helping a minor number of people fulfill their dreams. For these reasons, the development of human cloning should cease. As former president Bill Clinton once said, "Each human life is unique, born of a miracle that reaches beyond laboratory science. I believe we must respect this profound gift and resist the temptation to replicate ourselves." ...read more.

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