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Persuasive Essay on Recycling

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RECYCLING Is it possible for us to save our planet the Earth, from running out of resources? Yes, I am sure that we can. But which kinds of method should we choose to make this come true? In my opinions, recycling is the best way to make the Earth a better place to live on. Unfortunately, this method is not so popular among the society nowadays. There are not so many people who understand that recycling is not for our present, but for our future... Recycling is a common term which describes a process of turning used substances, waste or products - such as papers, tin-cans, aluminum-cans, bottles, broken computers, cars, scrap iron, plastic, batteries, electrical machines, etc - into usable materials. more.


Another advantage is that it reduces either the air pollution or water pollution. The traditional waste disposal is that it can be burnt or buried under the ground. The burning process creates smoke and releases a huge amount of CO2, therefore pollutes the Earth's atmosphere. It is stated that recycling actually reduces CO2 emission by 10-15 million tons in a year. If used products are buried by landfills, the water underground would be polluted. Furthermore, landfills take a lot of space while tons of trash is being buried every day. Reducing energy usage is another good thing about it although not all recycling processes save energy. more.


In my opinions, the problem is that people are lazy to send things to recycle. Furthermore, many people do not know where they should recycle things. Apart from them, one more reason is that people do not mind doing a small thing such as saving papers for recycling. In my homeland, every student needs to contribute at least 1 kilogram of papers for the recycling company in one academic year. I think Sweden should do the same to encourage students to recycle papers. In my opinions, Sweden should provide more recycling bins in the public so people know where they should put the recyclable things. So what are you waiting for? Start recycling today and save our planet. Recycle for a better future! ?? ?? ?? ?? more.

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