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Persuasive Essay

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Censorship of violence (the effect on young people) 64% of young offenders in Britain have watched 18+ violent films. This shows how dramatised violence is corrupting the minds of Britain's youth but can TV, cinema and DVD's justify why so many young offenders are in this position. Should the British public be concerned about how much violence their children can easily access? Children who watch a lot of TV are less aroused by violent scenes, less bothered by violence in general and less likely to find anything wrong with it. Research shows that TV programs made for children typically contain over 20 acts of violence per hour. ...read more.


The same argument is commonly used today. Many dramas and films that include violent scenes claim to justify the violent behaviour as the fight for the greater good. Therefore TV, Cinema and DVD's shouldn't be given all the blame. Many other factors influence Britain's youth to commit acts of violence. Drugs, poor parenting, availability of weapons all have to be considered when explaining the appalling number of youth in detainment. On the internet, censorship is considerably more effective, parental controls can monitor what children are up to, IP address are stored in the 'governments computer' and Internet service providers work with the police to find online offenders. ...read more.


These programmes are likely to contain violent scenes. How much violence on television affects young people is hard to judge. It largely depends on the way that person has grown up. Therefore in conclusion I think that more should be done to protect our youth from watching offensive/violent material on TV. There is a ridiculous amount of knife crime and other forms of violence in the UK, especially for our youth. I strongly feel that television is only slightly the cause of so much violence in the UK. The government needs to target and reduce the crime rates amongst teenagers by more awareness about violence aimed toward Britain's youth. ...read more.

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