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Persuasive letter

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Prof. Alan Smith 22 Smokeville Avenue Alwoodly Leeds LS17 2SF Tel: 0113 3684200 3rd January 2008 Mr Steven Merrytree 12 Apple Street Leeds LS1 2QP Dear Mr Merrytree, Recent 'Look North' news reports have been highlighting the issue of binge drinking in West Yorkshire. This issue has been concerning me for a great deal of time and I am writing to you to highlight the concerns and possible solutions. My neighbours and I have started up a campaign called the 'Society Against Binge Drinking' (SABD), which aims to lessen the impact of binge drinking in Leeds. Our mission is for bars and pubs to have earlier closing times. ...read more.


My wife and I have woken up to see our fence broken and our car vandalised by thoughtless alcohol consumers. Is West Yorkshire still the safe place it used to be? Of course not. So long as these binge drinkers are on the streets, West Yorkshire will still break records on the amount of alcohol related deaths! I would like to remind you of the tragic accident Jonathan Smith suffered in Leeds not so long ago. A mere 16 days after his 18-month drink-driving ban came to an end, the 23 year old was 'back behind the wheel' again after having drunk four pints of strong lager. ...read more.


We, as concerned local residents, must rise up against this life-threatening behaviour and fight against the clear injustice. Not only will we save the lives of the innocent public, we can improve the health of the binge drinkers themselves. The amount of time used to consume alcohol, will be significantly lessened with earlier closing times, therefore reducing the number of binge drinkers. Furthermore, we feel that this will help in the drinkers own personal ties and relationships. I hope that you will support my campaign and look forward to future correspondence. Yours Sincerely, Professor Alan Smith, BRE, BMus (Hons), MMus, PhD Chief Executive for the 'Society Against Binge Drinking' ...read more.

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