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Persuasive speech

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´╗┐We are in this room today, as children, to reflect on a sad truth. We have, today, been to several classes. Indeed, this is our weekly routine: school. Many of you dislike school but have you ever considered how lucky you are ? For instance, many children around the world are not as privileged as we are. According to the UNICEF, an estimated 250 million children in the world are in regular employment or as it is commonly referred to, suffer from the worst form of child labour At the moment, at the very same time as you and I are in this classroom, children in Soudan are working in coal mines are crawling in small tunnels which could collapse at any moment, causing death or serious injuries to the young miners. ...read more.


We are here today to fight against the worst form of child labour. Our opposite party might say that the role of children in child labour is essential to a family's economy. Many people in favor of child labour say that without children helping their parents in farms for example, the family will not be able to harvest the food in time resulting in starvation in wintertime and possible death. Those in favour of child labour ask us: as we protest against child labour, do we realize that millions of families would die of starvation ? This is why, those against child labour now fight against the worst forms of child labour. ...read more.


Someone once said: " All things are difficult before they are easy." Yes, stopping the worst form of child labour will be difficult at first but with your help, we can make a difference ! I personally believe that a person with hope and courage can change the world ! Martin Luther King said: " All labour that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence."Our work to stop child labour will and can uplift humanity and change the lives of millions of children who work in the most horrific conditions. I believe that, together; we can change the world. But to do so, we will need help. We will need help to free the millions of children who suffer from the worst form of child labour. So join us, today, in the struggle to stop child labour ! ...read more.

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