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Persuasive writing - Celebrity culture. Katie Price. She epitomises everything that is wrong with todays media culture. Why is she famous? Im not even sure I know the answer.

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Persuasive Coursework A hundred years ago there were two Englands. One contained the rich people, the Lords, the Ladies, the power, the land and the money. And then there were the other people. The people who lived downstairs, the ones who worked day in, day out and barely scraped a living. Nowadays, people say it is better. They say the gap between rich and poor is much smaller than it used to be. And this may be true in the facts and figures, but in reality, there are still two classes of people. The normal ones, who work, who have families, who live their lives. And the other people. The Shiny people. The Celebrities. The word celebrity is banded about a bit these days, and sometimes it's hard to unpick what people really mean when they say it. In my opinion, not all 'household names' and famous people are celebrities. People like Helen Mirren and Stephen Fry are not celebrities. They are famous, of course. But that is only because they are good are their job, like many people in the world. And they just happen to do a job that involves being in the public eye. Contrast this image of talented and hardworking entertainers, with someone like Katie Price. ...read more.


The Gossip magazine gradually fazes out the need for relating stories to the new Celebrity's claim to fame, until nothing is left but the Celebrity's every move being documented and criticised by the public. And so a new Celebrity is born. When I occasionally glance at a gossip magazine, my first thought has to be, "Why do magazines write stuff like this, when surely no-one reads it?". But I soon realise how wrong I am. Because the saddest things about this culture of celebrity is not the way the media creates it, because the media is no longer a human industry, it is run by aliens, monsters who cannot be expected to behave in a normal way. No, the saddest thing is that the gullible public actually buy into it. You can blame the media all you want for teenage girls' low self esteem and body confidence, but it cannot be denied that all the media are doing, is satisfying public demand. You are probably sitting there, thinking "I know, I know, I hate the celebrity culture too." But do you really mean it? How many times have you debated the fates of Big Brother housemates in the canteen, or wondered excitedly about the health of "Jane Fame" and her new baby? ...read more.


3. Be seen stumbling out of clubs, drunk and overexposed, in the early hours of the morning. 4. Repeat step 3 until the magazines notice. 5. Faze out the topless modelling as slowly as necessary, substituting the income with that from the magazines paying for interviews. 6. Soon, you will no longer need to have a job, or do anything any more. To maintain Celebrity status, ensure you are still frequently seen either drunk, crying or semi-naked. And there you have it. Today's teenagers are being taught this lesson more and more with every reality show, gossip magazine and news article. They learn to believe it, and they aren't being as na�ve as you might think, because they know it actually works. They learn by example that they don't need to do anything taxing to become a celebrity. And so, the era of celebrity continues, each new generation of Katie Prices mentoring the apprentices until they can take over and keep up the job. It makes me angry, and most of all sad, that this proud and powerful generation of young people can be brought to their knees by the likes of Katie Price. We are better than that, and we will make a name for ourselves in the future, for good reasons. But only if the media stops feeding us crap. I won't stand for it. Will you? ...read more.

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