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persusive writing

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Set in the early 90s, the next instalment in the Grand Theft Auto series brings you to San Andreas. A city troubled by gangs, drugs and corruption. But should children under the age of 18 be allowed to play this and other notoriously violent video games? As you travel through the games Californian-inspired locals. You can invade houses, learn Martial arts, and take control of variety of vehicles, use stealth to kill your enemies and much more. Although this game is entertaining in many ways, researchers have found that this and other violent video games encourage violent behaviour. Some researcher's say that these games are like simulators encouraging and training children to do violent and criminal activities such as murder and stealth. ...read more.


Parents often ignore age warnings on video games and let their children play 18 rated games. Further research has shown that; most parents think their child is mature enough to play violent games and think these games will not influence violent behaviour. But this is not the case! All games get an age rating, in the same way as films do. This is done by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) and a European group called PEGI. The study presented to the (BBFC) showed that many parents saw game ratings as a guide. Rather than a ban on younger children playing them, and putting an 18 rating on a game generally made children want to play the game even more. ...read more.


Some gamers say that video games don't make people violent in reality. They say that violent video games help them take out their anger and stress in a controlled way. And some also say that violent video games help them socialise by play playing against other gamers online. If you watch some one playing a video game, they get excited. They want to win and get the points. But many protestors think that gamers especially children should not get that kind of excitement from killing. What do 'games' that let kids use a weapon to splatter blood teach? What do 'games' that give kids more points for head shots teach? Would you let your child play an 18 rated game, which one day could imprison them or far worse be the cause of their death? ?? ?? ?? ?? Grand Theft Auto San Andreas-3minute speechspeech Page 1 23/01/2008 ...read more.

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