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Peter Camerons Homework Analysis

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?Homework? A man named Charles Darwin once said, ?It is not the strongest that survives, or the most intelligent; it is the one that is most capable of change?. Its significance melds its way through a story of about a young boy and his depression after his dog?s death. The story goes through a period of recuperating from his depression, and readers understand the mysteries and question that shroud the boy?s path of life. Peter Cameron?s ?Homework? suggests that in order to go through life, one must go through a path of life to overcome hardships and tribulations that shroud the path. Numerous literary devices such as characterization, conflict, and especially symbols assist in portraying the theme. ?Homework? uses the direct characterization of Michael Pechetti, the antagonist, and his family in order to further emphasize the theme. First, Michael?s sister, characterized by Michael as a person who desperately attempts to be beautiful, is an example of this. ...read more.


?Homework? also uses a ?self vs. self? conflict as an inner conflict that really expresses the resolve needed to overcome the troubles that are faced in the world. First, Michael, after experiencing the death of his beloved dog, is plagued by a bout of depression and follows it by an abstinence from school. ?I was unhappy and did not feel able to attend school? (2) was the excuse for him to skip school. This quote is literal denotatively, but is strewn with deeper connotations. Throughout the day while he misses school, he lives life in a different way. He continues to resist pleas to return to school, but continues to go to school to watch his classmates (1). This is ironic enough, but it is an example of urges fighting within him. These were actions originating from his denial of his dog?s death, which caused him to refuse to live his normal life and throw himself into hopelessness and sorrow. ...read more.


However, working through the problem, or more connotatively, life, is not as simple as it looks. And so, if this problem symbolizes life, then living life to the fullest is portrayed as a difficult equation. The effects of the symbolism through the story are capable of ensuring an interesting method to convey a message, such as an equation, which allows readers to feel intrigued. Throughout the story, Michael tries to find the answer for n, or more literally, the answer to life. People will constantly have to brave the trials in their path in order to continue on living their life to the fullest. It will always be a key problem in human society, but it does not always need to end up in such a miserable manner. If a person has enough courage, then they will be able to turn the story of misery around to one that confronts fears and sorrows. This tragic love story of a boy and the death of his dog progressing along with his powerful story of self recovery and recuperation really express the perseverance one needs in order to make headway in life. ...read more.

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