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Pichinski the Drug Buster

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Pichinski the Drug Buster It was just a normal day for the senior police officer DCI Mick Pichinski who is the chief officer of a busy CID office in London's Docklands. DCI Mickey Pichinski a very experienced police officer, being ex- Vice squad has seen most of the gruesome sights a copper can see. He will not take any rubbish from offices under him, but is not slow in showing praise when it's due. He is tough and keeps a close eye on his CID colleagues. He is a very quick thinker and can see through people easily, villains and colleagues alike. He is a very ambitious police officer always looking for his next promotion and dedicated to his job a little too much, and when he has his teeth into an investigation he will not let go easily until the jobs done. Mick has been in the force for ten years and joined on the Accelerated Promotion Scheme for graduates, now 32 years of age and married with two children. ...read more.


"The latest case you and your team have been assigned too is getting the attention of the Commissioner so you better catch the drugs dealers Mick" said the superintendent. "I will do my very best Sir" said Mick. "You will do better than that you will catch the dealers, I said you will and you will if you like being a DCI. I will make no secret of it I don't like you or your way of doing things and I would like to see you out of this station fast so don't give me a reason to transfer you Right" said the superintendent. "Yes Sir" said Mick. Now get out of my face you making me feel sick" said the superintendent. Yes Sir said Mick. Mick and his team start the investigation by doing raids on all local uses and small time dealers of drugs in the area and bring in ten bodies. When the young DC Kerry Smith finds herself in great danger after a routine house raid turns into a terrifying hostage situation and the DCI is already thinking of Demotion. ...read more.


The custody officer starts to ask questions when all four prisoners all walked into the same door. Now Mick has information on a shipment of drugs coming in from Holland and the operation gets serious with most of the police offices from Docklands, SO19, National Crime Squad and the Drugs Squad awaiting a big break through there is an opportunity to score some brownie points for Mick's next promotion. Now it's shipment day. The drugs arrive from Holland, the money is ready and the locations are all set, but why does the superintendent have such a bad feeling, and since when did Mick play by the rulebook. The whole team that have been working with the DCI are in position at the docks, SO19 arrive and get into position Detective Chief Superintendent has arrived from the drugs quad and everything is going to plan or is it? The story will continue including chases through streets, more drugs raids and fighting scenes. In the end only one dealer will be caught and the other dealer is part of the Italian mafia. What do you think happens next? Robbie Higginson GCSE English 02/05/07 ...read more.

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