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Pictures in the fire.

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Pictures in the fire. The sky was dark and stormy and a strong wind was blowing in from the North able to chill even the warmest of people. The raging fire broke into the sky, the vivacious oranges and reds were silhouetted against the night. It started to rain; the small cool droplets refreshing my skin after it had been unruly invaded by the heat from the rampant flames. The mixture of temperatures caused mischief with my body. The park in which I was standing was encircled by tall thin trees. The individual branches moved like the gnarled fingers of an elderly woman. At the far end of the park was the hustle and bustle of the rides, lit up by millions of minute fluorescent lights. The tanoy's voice broke out through the air shattering the peace, bringing me back to reality with a start. ...read more.


This caught the edges of the moon's rays and began to cast a fascinating pattern of shimmering iridescent lines that danced across the low sides of the box. Taking a slow breath I clasped the book in my hands and dropped it into the bright flames that by now had hues of orange, red and yellow. The flames surged excitedly and stretched up like pokers of hot steel. They weaved and writhed as they consumed the book and then slowly retreated like a snake that had devoured its prey. I looked deep into the flames, searching to see if any of the book remained. As my eyes focused on the spot where the book had been, I could see the remaining embers, glowing brightly like elongated rubies. Sparks flew into the blackness surrounding me, like the outburst from a firework night sparkler. ...read more.


I tried to clear my hazy vision and as the tears dried on my flushed face, the familiar image was engulfed by the fire. I turned and walked away from the unbridled fire. I felt its warmth on the back of my body and could hear the furious spitting and crackling as it continued to burn. The flames projected an orange tone into the night, which created a backdrop for my journey. As I ventured further and further away from the fire and towards the park gates the heat on my back subsided and the noise of the fire lessened as if a door was closing behind me. As I reached the rusted iron park gate my fatigued body had cooled to match the temperature of the night, I turned one last time to watch the fire which by now had settled to a calm glow, and then turned again to continue my lonely journey home. ...read more.

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