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Piggy In ‘Lord of The Flies’ Compared With ‘The Signalman’

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Piggy In 'Lord of The Flies' Compared With 'The Signalman' The signal man was set in a typical setting for a ghost story where it would most capture the imagination of the reader. It was set in a dark cutting where no light could penetrate the tall concrete walls. As it was dark throughout the day and the night this sets the scene for a perfect ghost story. The signalman's box was situated outside of a tunnel that was moist and was soaked with water. "water trickled down the sides of the tunnel" Piggy is described as a short fat boy at the beginning of the novel 'Lord of the Flies'. Piggy wears glasses and also has asthma. These are four physical handles that children will grab at the chance to victimise or make fun of. Piggy is not like the other kids in his physical appearance and this is how all forms of bullying are triggered by people standing out because of their appearance. The signalman at the narrators first glance is described as foreshortened and shadowed. The only explanation for this would be because the narrator was looking down into the poor light and was some distance away from the signalman when looking down upon him. ...read more.


A rock being pushed from a cliff and knowing that there are people below can be no accident. Someone is going to get hurt and in Piggy's case brutally Murdered. The rock must have also been of a considerable size as it was virtually as big as Piggy. "The rock struck Piggy a glancing blow from chin to knee" The rock may not have killed Piggy instantly depending on the force that the rock hit him and where it hit him. Whereas the Signalman's death would have been instant. The train driver did try to warn the Signalman but the Signalman did not listen as he thought that it was the spectre who stood at the warning light calling him once again as he had recently been doing frequently. The train driver could not stop in time and so unintentionally cut the signalman down with the massive steam engine. Both have friends who may have been able to prevent their deaths. Ralph although he had lost most of his influence and power over the boys by the time that they turned to savages could have been able to reason with jack and so the situation would have been resolved. There would not have been a situation in the first place though if Ralph's pride had not got the better of him and decided to go and confront jack with the support of all the other savages/boys. ...read more.


Ghost story's are supposed to be real or seem as real to the reader as possible. Dickens never wrote the story to frighten or scare the reader's but to send a chill down their spines. The differences between the two writers are that Charles Dickens story's were all said to have been based around true real life experiences. This suggests that Dickens was the narrator and was the one who befriended the signalman. William Goldings story was about fictional characters and a made up island. Lord of the flies was a story that was part of its time. The story was written soon after the was and was influenced massively by the War. Lord of the Flies is an allegory, and the message was to do with the time when it was written. Instead of railways being in the public imagination as in the Signalman, a nuclear holocaust was there striking fear into the public and so William Golding also influenced by the fear wrote an astounding book on the subject and used it as an excuse to put the boys on the Island. The war has influenced the book because the novel is all about good and evil. In a way the Axis powers were the good and so were represented by Ralph, Piggy and the Conch standing up for democracy, and Jack Meridew along with the rest of the savages as his loyal army representing the Germans. By Daryl White ...read more.

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