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Pirates of the Caribbean and Lost

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Pirates of the Caribbean and Lost Media Assignment In the summer of 2003 'Pirates of the Caribbean the Legend of the Black Pearl' was released and it kept the world captive. With the all-star cast of Johnny Depp (Captain jack sparrow), Orlando Bloom (William Turner), Kiera Knightly (Elizabeth Turner) and Geoffrey Rush (Captain Barbosa) there was no doubt that the world would love this film. It was based on the Walt Disney ride Pirates of the Caribbean. The film also made a colossus profit of $653 million. Because of the success of the film a sequel has been made called 'Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest' and there is also a 3rd to film to come. Another lucrative programme which came out in August of 2005 was 'Lost', the hit TV show. The producers of this show are Buena Vista, they spent approximately $10 million just on the first series, and Buena Vista had on all-star cast staring people such as Mathew Foxx (Jack Sheppard) and Dominic Monaghan (Charlie Pace), the show kept the world captive (drew in over 25million viewers) ...read more.


after this we see Jack running through the jungle. The music plays an important part in setting the scene for later events. The music is being played on a single instrument, a violin. This is also significant because it reflects the fact that Jack Sheppard is also alone running through the jungle environment. In the rescue scene of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Elizabeth falls over a wall because she has fainted, when Jack and some guards see this Jack automatically assumes that the guards will save her but they don't go straight into save her and when Jack Hears their excuses he then realises that it is up to him to go and save Ms Elizabeth so jack finally jumps in to save her. I think that Jack didn't want to save her because he doesn't want any unwanted attention drawn to himself; this is because he does not want to be found out about being a pirate, and the reason for this is that if he does get found out he will be executed. When he is forced to save Elizabeth he does act fast and heroically. ...read more.


uses the term ' I scratched your back now you scratch mine', from this we can interpret that this was part of his plan to escape. After the rescue scene in 'Lost' Jack Sheppard disappears from the beach we see jack in the jungle where he is trying to clean his wounds. This shows that Jack is a vulnerable character and this lets us relate to him. After this we see one of the other characters (Kate) finds jack, and help him stitch his wound up, this shows that Jack like every other person also needs help. In conclusion, both Jacks have heroic qualities, But Jack Sheppard is the true hero, for example when we first see Jack Sheppard on the beach he helps everyone else before he helps himself, from this we can clearly see that Jack Sheppard is a hero. Although Captain Jack Sparrow has heroic qualities, we can associate same anti-heroic traits to the character of Jack Sparrow. For example he steals some coins from the Dock Master, Even though Jack Sparrow has both hero and anti-hero traits I think I would put him in the middle of both categories. By Lee Johnson ...read more.

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