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25th September 2004 PLANNING FOR THE CARETAKERS STORY - COURSEWORK It's Thursday night in central London, and the damp air envelopes the city as an eerie silence pervades through its soulless streets. In an isolated street Davies sits patiently in his van with six others. "You all ready then "his says confidently, without glancing back, "Yeh" comes the monotoned reply of the other gang members "Give everything quick butchers" he says over the ominous sound of clunking metal as the semi-automatics are loaded., Davies casts a patriarchal look over his 'boys' which is reciprocated by the unspoken badge of respect they hold for him. Like a well rehearsed play they all take their cue, Tom and Harry go silently towards the front door, Charlie, Dave and Jenkins stealthily creep towards the back door. Davies himself covers Tom and Harry and follows them to the front. Freshly pressed suits and shoes that glimmer in the muggy night contradict the shabby attempt at disguise as the balaclavas, are pulled on and stick like a second skin over the perspiring heads of the gang. 142 Pool Street , an ugly pile of Georgian bricks in a less than salubrious Street and frequented by the ignoble and dishonest members of society that were the rival gang, who were unaware of what lay ahead of them as the peels of raucous laughter rang out from inside the house. ...read more.


The smell of gun-powder mingles with the blood and dust and the bodies of Duncan and his loathsome gang lay scattered, dead and dying amongst the smoking ruins of 147 Pool Street. Later the Police would come and the men from the mortuary would bag up the bodies of Duncan and his men. The police would carry out half-hearted enquiries. The builders came in and restored the house. It is now a woman's and refuge centre. No one-cared enough to find out who carried out the slaughter in Pool Street although the word was out that everyone who was anyone knew who committed the deed. Duncan and his fellow gang members had been notorious in and around 1950's London for too long. Duncan a psychopathic Scottish man had made his name in drugs and vice. His victims were brutalised and shown no mercy. The Streets because of the addicts and pushers became areas of terror for the common people. Honest people were senselessly murdered for the few shillings that they possessed by the addicts in attempts to raise the ready cash to buy more drugs. When crime reached to such an epidemic level that even the police were powerless to intervene, and children now were beginning to be dragged into an evil life of corruption and crime and with very little future. ...read more.


The lonely months that followed after that night forty-five years ago left him a desolate man who suffered from haunted memories. He sought forgiveness and he found it within the church with the happy clappy people. Harry the last of the group, sits in an upright position, the hairs on his moustache are neatly combed and stand to attention. His navy blazer bares the badge of his regiment. He now answers to the title of Major, enlisting with national service and working his way up to he reached his position. He reluctantly retired during the eighties, for him the Army was an escape from real life. The bullet wound that he received, September 1952, helps him to captivate an audience as he tells them stories of 'heroism during active service'. As the day draws to an end, each man takes the time to reflect on events of September 1952. The characters of the men shaped and formed by what life has thrown at them. Each person has his own views of the events of that night. Some will say these men are heroes, some say that they did it for power; some say it was a cold blooded gang land killing. But for Davies, Harry, Dave, Tom, Jenkins, and Charlie only they can know the truth behind the stories that live on. ...read more.

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