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poem comparison essay- two scavengers and night of the scorpion

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Compare how language and layout is used for effect in Two Scavengers and one other poem. 'Two Scavengers' describes a specific moment in time; at a red traffic light at 9am,in San Francisco, two bin men, on their way home from work, have a brief meeting with two 'beautiful' people on their way to work. Ferlinghetti uses this encounter to draw us in to asking ourselves about social class and whether it is right to class people in this way. He also manages to link this in with the idea of the 'American Dream' and whether it has been accomplished. Ferlinghetti uses language like 'the high seas of this democracy' to achieve this effect; this could be taken to mean that, although, part of the 'American Dream', real democracy is never easy to succeed. ...read more.


The 'American Dream' is an idea that has been planted in people's minds that they can achieve whatever they like in America. I feel, Ferlinghetti is making a point to discard this belief through this poem, doing this not only through the language, but also through the structure and layout. For example, he has used uneven line lengths to show inequality. This is continued throughout the poem, as the lack of punctuation; the lack of punctuation suggests that this unfair situation is set to continue. However, Ferlinghetti also uses it to remind us that this all happened very quickly, emphasising how people ignore this injustice on a day-to-day basis. Another poem that uses layout and language for effect is 'Night of the Scorpion'. 'Night of the Scorpion' is, like 'Two Scavengers' presented as a recollection. ...read more.


Additionally, it links in with the theme of culture and traditions within the village by suggesting their lack of individuality, which shows us that everyone brought up in this setting shares the same, religious fuelled, beliefs. And it is these religious beliefs that guide the villagers response to the scorpion, ' clicked their tongues', this s a description, using onomatopoeia, of the villagers whilst they searched for the scorpion, because they believe that whenever the scorpion moved its poison 'moved in Mother's blood'. Ezekiel also uses structure to show these religious beliefs. For instance, he uses parallel lines to create a feel of the 'peasants' chanting, or, praying. Altogether, both Ferlinghetti and Ezekial uses language and layout in many ways to create an effect form their reader, with both of the incorporating other poetic devices to make this response even more powerful. ...read more.

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