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POEM - Love in Vain

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Love in Vain When I first laid my eyes on her, I thought I May never see again: she emitted Such a blinding light from her appearance A mastermind criminal she was to Steal the stars and trap them in her eyes which Left the earth in a starless blanket. A glance towards her would leave memories Worth remembering forgotten I was Swallowed by her heavenly features which With ease would take you. The red painted sky At sunset was reflected in her cheeks And the crimson of rage locked in her lips. ...read more.


Lavishly sweet was the taste On her lips, which only a touch will leave You dazzled and the stress which you once had Would diffuse into nothing. Just with a wink In our sight, she'll have anything she wants For you'll be pampering to her needs. It is better to say 'stay away from Such devils' you would give them your life and They'll leave you lifeless; you'd make them happy But experience it? No you will not. ...read more.


Generous was god, when he let me be Free from this trap, like a fly from a web. And now I am free as a bird in the sky, And like the bird I watch below at those That fall into the similar hole to Me but to deep for them to climb back out. Those sorrowful memories play in my Head, but the pleasurable time I will Never forget. But was my love in vain? Or was it her playing me with her games? I find it hard to believe that I was Merely a pawn in the grasp of such a Woman, but was she ever a woman? ...read more.

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