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Poem Rising Five

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TOMORROW IS DEAD Rising Five is a poem written by an English poet called Norman Nicholson. The poet wants to emphasize how life passes so promptly without us even taking notice. He portrays very evidently the life cycle since when we are born until after death. The poem makes clear that children have a different perception about life compared to adults. Adults don't want time to pass because they don't want to age whilst children can't wait to grow up to be able to do what they crave in their life. Through this, Norman Nicholson manages to make comprehensible to the reader that people are never really satisfied with what they have, it will never be enough. Whenever they have something, they are already wishing something else thus they are constantly looking ahead, to the future and in consequence are dead because they don't spend a moment to be grateful for what is around them, the present. ...read more.


brimful eyes staring like he knows everything about everything as if his life is already completed, there is nothing else left for him to learn in this world. I guess he is trying to look mature. There are end rhymes in this stanza (e.g.- said and head, hair and stare) The 2nd stanza has assonance and alliteration right on the second line: 'bubbled and doubled; buds unbuttoned; shoot'. Again, more emphasize is put to the fact that the past and future shove the present by leaving no importance to it on the 5th line: 'It was the season AFTER blossoming. BEFORE the forming of the fruit (...)' he uses words such as after and before, giving no value to the state of now. The 2nd stanza represents the best phase of the human life and there are a lot of positive words present in this stanza. The word 'and' is repeated several times in a row, giving the sense of addition constantly. ...read more.


The 4th stanza consists mostly of negative words and the word 'but' repeats itself showing negation. There are a few end rhymes such as end and dead. In the end of the poem he shows that life went by and when it is already too late we notice that the only thing on our minds that mattered was the past and the future, when we should have given a much bigger magnitude to what came in between, the present. In conclusion we can see that as the poem advances, the mood of the poem alters, as it gets more severe and profound, as well as more dark and close to reality; as it starts with a little boy just wanting to grow up, approximating the terrible and unavoidable death. To sum up, the poet is eager to show how people should care about their lives living like there should be no tomorrow since life flies by. ...read more.

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