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Poems by U.A Fanthorpe

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Poems by U.A Fanthorpe U.A Fanthorpe is a contemporary poet and I have read 3 poems in an anthology called Track 2. She seems to have a low impression with the education systems in schools. She also used to be a teacher, but left early because she didn't like the job, so she knows quite a lot about schools. The 3 poems I have read are called Half Past Two, Reports and Dear Mr Lee. In the poem Half Past Two, it tells me about a child who cannot tell time and the teacher told him that he did "Something Very Wrong", the capital letters show me that the teacher is very annoyed and saying it strongly. So the child ends up getting a detention. The child shows that he fears the teacher when he refers to her using capital letters. The child is now told that he is going home at half past two, but he does not understand time, he only knows time as events like, 'Gettinguptime', 'Timeyouwereofftime', 'Timetogohometime' and 'Tvtime'. ...read more.


In the last stanza, it says he was in the land of ever, it means when he learnt how to read time, he would finish daydreaming. But that child never forgot, that moment, that daydream when he was free of time. The second poem Reports, is not about children in school, but about teachers and it makes you feel sorry for them. It seems like they are victims of a hostile system. Even when they write reports, it can be used against them. "Unholy Trinity", this phrase means, Headmaster, Parent and Child and teachers are scared of them, because if the child complains that he/she is not learning, the teachers can get told off by the Parent and Head and be accused of wrong things and can lose their jobs. The teachers always used the same phrases, for everyone like fair and quite good. And sometimes they have nothing to say, so they say must try harder. ...read more.


Smart had to explain why they're jokes and even no one thinks they were funny ", and himself for failing the exam, but he still loved Cider with Rosie. The boy wants to become a poet himself, when he's older, but his teachers always put him down. He realised knowing a book isn't as good, as being good at G.C.S.E's. He also compared Laurie Lee to other poets like T.Hughes and P.Larkin and said they weren't funny compared to Laurie Lee. I quite liked this poem, I learned a few things, because it gave me an insight on teachers and how they teach and treat their students, it also tells me that they are scared of the Head the Parents and the students, when they write reports. But this poem does make me, respect teachers more, because most of them don't just come for the money, but also try their best to teach us and make us learn, even when they get put down, they ignore it and carry on. ...read more.

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