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Poems which present the more positive relationships include To His Coy Mistress and Sonnet 116 whilst Funeral Blues and Soliloquy of the Spanish cloister explore significantly more melancholic, unpleasant sentiments.

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Alvin Nelson 10V1 English How are relationships presented in 3-4 of the poems you have studied? Poets often use poetic form to explore the strong, complex emotions that surround relationships. These can be positive relationships where the speaker is comfortable and open about expressing their feelings or they can be the complete opposite, with expressions of jealously, bitterness, guilt or utter hatred. Poems which present the more positive relationships include ?To His Coy Mistress? and ?Sonnet 116? whilst ?Funeral Blues? and ?Soliloquy of the Spanish cloister? explore significantly more melancholic, unpleasant sentiments. In ?To His Coy Mistress?, the speaker wishes to have a physical relationship with his mistress ? ?let us sport us while we may? but she seems to need some persuasion. The reader gets a sense of increasing frustration in the poem that speaker wants his mistress to think as he does. This suggests that she?s unwilling to have sex with him and the couple are unmarried ? shown by his proposal. This frustration is beginning to show through his irony and exaggeration ? mocking his mistress? romantic ideas of love. He refers to the ?Indian Ganges? and Humber?. The comparison of the renowned, religiously symbolic large Ganges to his local River Humber makes the audience aware of the poet?s irony. ...read more.


He personifies time to make the battle between love and time more dramatic. He says that all time gives us is ?brief hours and weeks? but true love survives to the end of time, ?even to the edge of doom?. True love isn?t at the mercy of time because it has no end. The poet presents the relationship as undying as true love doesn?t change when circumstances change, if the love is real love, it would remain just as intense as it was. In ?Funeral Blues?, the speaker mourns his deceased lover ? he wants to ?stop all the clocks?, an impossible distress that shows his utter distress. With his lover gone, the speaker believes he commands all happenings ? ?cut off the telephone?. He feels that everyone should join him in his mourning by allowing the ?mourners to come?. He feels that everyone should share his grief and everything should just cease now that his lover has gone. The relationship is presented as close as the deceased lover was important to the speaker. The lover was ?my North, my South, my East and West? which shows he was everything to the speaker which shows this closeness. ...read more.


The speaker plots a plan to trip Brother Lawrence into sin with his ?scrofulous French novel? and considers selling his soul to Satan for the damnation of Brother Lawrence. The sins he accuses Brother Lawrence of are justified but the speaker is unknowingly guilty of each of them himself whereas Brother Lawrence is only guilty in the speaker?s head. The relationship is presented in jealousy and anger ? Brother Lawrence is involved in the treacheries of the church and enjoys it more which makes the speaker jealous and fuels his anger but there are elements of hypocrisy in the relationship as the speaker is involved in those treacheries too. The first stanza explains that he would wish to spend forever wooing and flattering her, the second that life is short and they won?t live forever and the third suggests that they should grab their pleasures while they?re still young and attractive. The poem follows a structure for a successful argument ? if A, but B, therefore C. This structure suggests he is making a well-ordered argument but also shows his urgency. His sense of frustration is beginning to show through his humorous exaggeration and irony as he mocks his mistress? romantic ideas about love. He refers to the ?Indian Ganges? and ?Humber?. ...read more.

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