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Poems written by adults looking back upon their childhood. The two poems we are looking at are The School Boy by William Blake and In Mrs Tilscher's Class by Carol Ann Duffy.

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As we get older we look back upon our school days with fondness. It is common for parents to tell children to enjoy it as much as possible as they are the best days of our lives. The children may laugh at this when told, but when we get older and reach the age our parents were at when they gave us that piece of advice, we realize that they were in fact right and they were the best time of our life. This is only realized after having gone through life. Both these poems were written by adults looking back upon their childhood. The two poems we are looking at are The School Boy by William Blake and In Mrs Tilscher's Class by Carol Ann Duffy. They both offer two very different points of view. I agree with one of the poems as it takes a very negative view of school but I am going to look at both these poems in detail and maybe by the end I will have changed my outlook on school life. ...read more.


The phrase 'I drooping sit' show us that he is very bored because he is slouching in his chair like many of us do when we get bored and tired. The fourth stanza is about him likening himself and other school children to a bird that has been caught and put in a cage and expected to perform, even though it is probably very scared and upset at being put in this cage. It is the same for a child. They are 'born for joy', to be free to do as they please instead of being cooped up in a classroom for most of the day, expected to work and do well even though it is very saddening to them to be indoors and frightening to them as the way the teacher is described, they come across as being a very scary individual. The penultimate and final verses are a plea to his mother and father. ...read more.


Duffy on the other hand takes the complete opposite view to Blake. In Mrs Tilscher's Class looks at a year in school and how the children enjoy growing up in the class, with all the different experience they have and all the things they learn. The first verse of the poem starts with how the teacher makes the class interesting for the children, which is a far contrast from the teacher in Blake's poem. It mentions the names of two child killers but says how, because of Mrs Tilscher, the children do not think about anything like that. In just the first paragraph we can see how Blake's and Duffy's views are going to differ because of something as small as the teacher or the classroom in the whole school experience. The second paragraph is set after the holidays, once the children have grown up a bit. We can tell this because it talks about how the tadpoles have gotten older Daniel Hunt Page 1 5/3/2007 Poetry Assignment On School Daniel Hunt Page 1 5/3/2007 Poetry Assignment On School ...read more.

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