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Poetic Justice

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Characterization on Jed Cunningham The narrators image on herself The significance of their youthful relationship The language used, and the point of view the language has The theme The main theme in this short story is the difficulty of choosing between reality and a dream. Once her dream was to marry Jed, but he broke it when he went to Ireland. The narrator has settled down, she married another man and created an ordinary life with him. When Jed suddenly contacts her through e-mail, all the old feelings for him burst into flames again. When Jed tells her he lives alone because he still loves her, she gets the choice between going on with her ordinary life, or following her old dream of becoming Jed's wife. Revenge could also be a theme. The narrator and Jed had very different dreams of the future when they were young, and it was these differences that caused the argument, after which Jed left and never spoke to her again. ...read more.


She describes him as the coolest of the cool, and he created his own fashion and everybody followed it. The narrator cannot understand why Jed Cunningham would log on the Friends United website, because she remembers him as a person who did not look back, a person who lived for the day. In school he was a fantastic writer and wrote letters to her, which unleashed an unknown wildness and irreverence in her. He used to smoke like the poet he was, not with his cigarette cupped into his hand like the other boys. In school, the teachers did not like him, they feared him. They said he did not have respect for their authority. The teachers could not understand him, because they were used to shape the students but Jed was already formed. He was very intelligent and he had great success at A levels. The narrator describes him as and old head on young shoulders. Jed's dream was to be a poet, and when he was eighteen he moved to Ireland. ...read more.


They were together for two years and she loved him very much. He was the first who met her intellectual and he could make her laugh. He wrote her fantastic letters, and when she was with him she felt a wildness and irreverence she had not known before. She describes their relationship as an adult love affair among children. They were very close and they completed each other perfectly, as "two sides of the same coin." They never made love, and the narrator thinks it would have ruined the innocence of their relationship if they did. Their friend did, and is sure that if he had asked her, she would have done it too. She describes the two years they had together as living in a crazy parallel universe, like living in a bubble. She felt it was a bit like being a child again. Diana Appleyard, the author of the short story, has chosen to write in a very ordinary language, which reflects a very ordinary narrator. We hear the story from the main characters point of view, but the story is told through an all-knowing narrator. We hear a lot about her thoughts and her memories about school. ...read more.

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